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mural artist

Local Mural Artist Paints Water Tower

Tags: Artwork. Artist. Art. Murals. Things to see on Bribie Island A TOWERING WORK OF ART Artists Scott Nagys and Mike Shangster spent over a week creating a beautiful piece of artwork on a local icon...
animal petting

Lions Club Animal Petting Farm

Tags: Lions Club. Animal Petting Farm. Queensland Zoo. Travel destination Queensland. What to do on Bribie Island. THE ANIMALS ARE COMING There is no doubt that children (and adults) really get a thrill from being able to...
Retirement Homes Queensland

Aged care and retirement Bribie Island

Tags: Aged care. Retirement. Retirement Homes. Bribie Island A FRESH APPROACH TO AGED CARE Bribie Island residents looking for an alternative to traditional residential aged care may be surprised to know that we have a unique...
fishing spots queensland

Fishing report Bribie Island

Tags: Fishing. Fishing Bribie. Fishing spots South East Queensland. Fishing reports. Fishing Bribie Island. Tide Times FISHING BRIBIE Hot steamy days and stormy afternoons were what February’s weather seemed to bring us. Bribie once again seemed to...
rocks geology mineral bribie island clubs groups queensland brisbane


Tags: Rocks. Geology. Minerals. Local clubs and groups. Bribie Island. Brisbane. It seems that the days when geologists and miners were the only ones who got excited about finding the rocks that they sought are...

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