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brbie island queensland history


Tags: history. Queensland. Bribie Island Library. BY BARRY CLARK- BRIBIE ISLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY Bribie Island Public Library is arguably the most used public facility in our community. The building these days is modern, spacious and well...
fishing history queensland


Tags: Swordfish. Deep sea fishing. History. Queensland. Fishing trivia. Saw Shark How’s this for a catch! This swordfish was caught in local waters (off Scarborough) in 1938. Undeniably massive in size, exactly how heavy and...
bribie island queensland australia history

History – Bribie Island

Tag: History. Bribie Island. Queensland. Australia. BRIBIE ISLAND’S FASCINATING HISTORY BARRY CLARK – FOUNDING PRESIDENT, BRIBIE ISLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY // IMAGES: BARRY CLARK & JOHN OXLEY LIBRARY Bribie Island has many remarkable and often surprising secrets to reveal…...
bribie island history houses homes historical

History – Bribie Islands oldest houses

Tags: Bribie Island. History. Houses. homes. Oldest. Queensland. Australia. Historical Bribie Island’s Oldest House Celebrates 100 Years There are many fascinating old cottages around Bongaree that date back to the earliest land sales on Bribie Island,...
hisorical newspaper publications queensland

Historical Newspaper Publications – Bribie Island

Tags: History. Historical newspaper publications. Bribie Island. Editorial. Historical Society HISTORICAL PUBLICATIONS OF CHRISTMAS’ PASSED Cast your mind back and imagine Bribie Island 50 years ago? Some may well remember, but here’s a bit of a...
Tags: Bribie Island. History. RONALD PATTERSON. Queensland. Moreton Bay. Australia.

Bribie Island History – A BOY ON BRIBIE A HUNDRED YEARS AGO Part 2

Tags: Bribie Island. History. RONALD PATTERSON. Queensland. Moreton Bay. Australia. Read part 1 Pattersons 1920’s Bribie In the last edition, you may have read the first part of Ron Patterson remarkable memories as a young boy visiting...

History – Bribie Island Surf Lifesaving Clubhouse

Tags: History. Bribie Island. Brisbane. Queensland. Bribie Island Surf Lifesaving Clubhouse. When Holly Sanders, Jess Harrison, Rachael McAndrew, Zane Butler and Rob Wyatt joined Tom Lingham, Steve Palmer, Lauren Watson, Oscar Lingham and Oliver Palmer as...

Celebrities – David Niven

Tags: Celebrities. Famous people. Actors. David Niven HELLY’S CELEBRITIES OF THE 20TH CENTURY Thanks to Lindsay Betremieux, one of Dr. Laurence Khoo’s delightful receptionists at his Welsby Parade Medical Centre in Bongaree, you can now share this...

History – Bribie Island Prewar

Tags: History. Bribie island. Queensland. Australia.  Prewar. Prewar Bribie Island ‘A picture is worth a thousand words,’ may apply to the new book, ‘Prewar Bribie Island’, for it contains over 100 photos of Bribie Island taken...
History australian matthew flinders cat

History – Trim – Matthew Flinders Cat

Tags: Matthew Flinders. History. Historical people. Australia Trim - Matthew Flinders Cat By Graham Mills Trim was the much loved and well-travelled cat of Captain Matthew Flinders, the great naval explorer and cartographer. Together they sailed around...

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