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You may not recognise his face yet you possibly have seen him many times on Bribie Island in a very conspicuous place. Read Timothy Gould’s story and be inspired.
Photo Credit: Deb Neil Photography 0402 048 275

Why is it that people who outwardly appear to be less fortunate than ourselves can often end up being a total source of inspiration and admiration? Catching up with Timothy Gould, who is a Special Olympics gold medalist and the subject of our cover story, is a typical example of what I mean.

On the face of it, you would think that someone born with Down Syndrome or indeed any other so-called disability would fill you with a sense of pity. This could not be further from the truth. When I first caught up with Timothy, I felt nothing but admiration and warmth for having had the pleasure of meeting this fine young man who has made more of his life than I dare say many of the people you and I collectively know.

No doubt you have met people who let’s face it have had more than their fair share of adversity. Many born with it and some due to accident or sickness. Yet somehow they manage to almost if not completely put us to shame when we view the way they look at life compared to ourselves.

That is not to say that those individuals don’t feel pain or get depressed with their situation as we all do on occasions, but somehow they manage to find that inner strength that allows them to push through and deal with what’s in front of them. So if you are having a bad day through circumstances or poor health and need the inspiration and motivation to push through here’s a thought.

Find yourself a quiet place, take a mirror, stare deeply into it and you might just discover that all the inspiration and motivation you need to push on is staring right back at you. It always was.