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As I suppose do many people, I absolutely love music, not just one particular style but many genres and these include country, pop, rock, folk and even, (surprise surprise) a small number of rap songs, especially those by Eminem.

When I was in my teens, I sang in a band that was I suppose mildly successful and during that time I self-taught myself to play the guitar although not very well. Since taking on my current role as a journo for this publication, I have had the opportunity to interview a number of musicians and it is because of this that I have made the decision (good or bad) to have a go at making music myself.

With this in mind, I recently enlisted the advice of well known local entertainer and music teacher Keith Haigh as to what would be a quality guitar to buy and then properly learn to play.

A visit with Keith to Guitar Exchange (I have never seen so many guitars in one place) in Morayfield resulted in the purchase of a Tanglewood Winterleaf dreadnaught electro-acoustic guitar which I have to admit, has a really beautiful sound.

The next step is obviously to begin learning to actually use my new guitar to make a sound that somewhat resembles music so, every Friday, I spend thirty minutes with Keith as he instructs me on how to do it right.

Tanglewood Winterleaf guitar

The Tanglewood Winterleaf guitar that I am determined to learn to play properly

The first lesson, really easy I guess, the second one also not too bad, the third lesson, Keith talks about things like F major (I thought they were officers in the army) seven and so on. Now on my sixth lesson, I am starting to hear sounds from my guitar that don’t make me want to hang my head in shame and recently, in a moment of what I suppose you would refer to as self-doubt, I asked Keith if he thought that I would ever be able to play music properly and he replied, ‘Well, what you are doing now, you couldn’t do when you came here.’

Those few words from Keith were all that I needed to keep going with my lessons and, one day, although I know that I will never be able to play as good as Mark Knoffler, Orianthi, Santana or Keith Haigh, I am determined to be able to produce music that can be enjoyed by anyone who hears it. (Even if that is only me.)

Watch this space for updates on my attempts to become a musician.

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