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Gallery - Pics of Bribie Island from the locals

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myPolice Moreton – Boaties warned of extreme weather

Tags: Severe Weather. Bribie Island. Moreton Bay Water Police are warning all boaties and swimmers to consider staying away from the surf as extreme weather conditions, whipped up by Tropical Cyclone Oma, sets-in across the southern Queensland coast. Strong winds and large swell are predicted to...
cyclone oma, seq weather queensland severe

Cyclone Oma update – Severe weather is likely

Cyclone Oma Update Severe weather warning for SE Queensland Cyclone Oma is still heading in a South West direction slowly. If a coastal crossing does eventuate, we will see between 90 - 130km/h destructive wind gusts and gale force sustained wind gusts of around 70km/h. Also, expect between...
Cyclone Oma. Weather.

Cyclone Oma heading SW towards Southern Queensland

Tags: Cyclone Oma. Weather. Cyclone Oma is currently situated about 300km south-west of Vanuatu heading in a southwesterly direction. Featured Image(above): Satellite imagery of cyclone Oma in the coral sea The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a dangerous surf and swells warning as the Category 3 system approaches...

Bribie Island History – Cemeteries. Why can’t you be buried on Bribie Island?

Tags: History. Bribie Island. Moreton Bay. Brisbane. Queensland. Cemeteries Although there is a well maintained Memorial Garden for cremated ashes to be interred, there is no Cemetery on Bribie Island. Well ….there is no longer a Cemetery on Bribie, but you may be surprised to...
poetry rhymes lyrics

Mad Poets Society Feb 18th 2019

Tags: Poetry. Poems. Poets. A little boy’s left hand Just hit me in the face The sun is up now Nanna he said I try to handle this with grace I really do not think so I reply only half awake I think it’s only restless Because it needs a...

Tourism & Travel destination – Ulladulla

Tags: Travel Spots. Australia. Tourist destinations. NSW. New South Wales Episode 24 - On the way to Ulladulla with Sabine Von Graz As I mentioned in the last episode we decided to slowly wind up our adventure on the road and start a new one by moving...
Charity - Bribie Island - BUSY FINGERS


Tags: Busy Fingers Second hand Store. Bribie Island. Charity. Pre owned. CHRISTMAS CLOSURE ISSUES As most residents would be aware there were numerous complaints from people about the items deposited outside our gates after Christmas. We would like to advise that we advertised our closure over...
Celebrities. Actors. Famous people. YBONA PRICE

Helly’s Celebrities of the 20th Century – YBONA PRICE

Tags: Celebrities. Actors. Famous people. YBONA PRICE SPAGHETTI OR NAILS? Most teenagers like to conduct a little rebellion against their parents. Few, however, can have seen it get so much out of hand as England’s YBONA PRICE. When she was 13 she began to grow her fingernails...
pelican australian wildlife birds


Tags: Australian wildlife. Birds. Pelican Probably the most observed and loved birds on Bribie Island are the iconic Australian Pelicans. They are likely to be seen wherever there is water and the Pumicestone Passage is one of their favourite haunts. With a wingspan of 2.3-2.5...

Pet care and health Feb 2019

Tags: Veterinarian advice. Pet Care health Cool Dogs My readers already know that dogs are cool! But Summer is here, and dogs succumb to heat stroke even more easily than people do. A dog’s cooling system differs from ours. Dogs do not sweat (as they’re covered...
rotary queensland bribie island


Tags Rotary Club Queensland. Bribie Island. Charity. Not for Profit Do you want to uncover your true potential? Bribie Rotary is looking for a young adult aged 18-27 years to attend a training Seminar for Potential leaders. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a 7-day...
funny pet pics images photos

Funny pet and animal photos and images Feb 2019

SHARE YOUR FUNNY PET PICS WITH THE ... SEND TO: thebribieislander@gmail.com This months winner! - This is Elroy or (Elroyance Stinkleton), trying to escape the Neighbours, Ningi
Children's mental health. Child health.


Tags: Children's mental health. Child health. “Animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.” – George Eliot A therapeutic approach is the lens through which counsellors address their clients’ problems. Broadly speaking, the therapeutic approaches of counsellors fall into two categories: behavioural and...
Tropical Cyclones. History. Historical. Queensland. Brisbane. What are cyclones? How do cyclones form?

Historical tropical cyclones that have crossed the Queensland coast

Tags: Tropical Cyclones. History. Historical. Queensland. Brisbane. What are cyclones? How do cyclones form? Tropical cyclones are a major threat to the Queensland coastline during the Summer season as well as to the Northern Territory and Western Australia.  These tropical disturbances are caused by deep low-pressure...

Gloss Magazine Bribie Islander 4th Edition Feb 15 2019 Issue 81

The Bribie Islander Magazine Get all your community news and information Bribie’s only community gloss magazine NOW EVERY TWO WEEKS! – Articles on boating, camping, fishing, life, drama, travel destinations, sports and what to see and do on Bribie Island. Covering charities, organisations, places, children’s...
wines wineries wine red white brisbane bribie island moreton bay

The Bribie Winelander Feb 2019

Recently we had a look at the new varieties that are appearing on the market place but let’s not forget Australia has for a long time been producing outstanding wines from traditional French German and Spanish grape varieties such as Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Semillon,...
Art. Artwork. Artist. Art Gallery. Bribie Island

The Long Way Around to Bribie – PAINTED

Tags: Art. Artwork. Artist. Art Gallery. Bribie Island Most readers know February from her regular contributions to The Bribie Islander. What few may know is that she is an accomplished artist. And a few may...


When Brisbane residents David Bycroft and his wife Wendy were planning to take their grandchildren Oscar (five) and Connor (seven) on their first ever fishing adventure they naturally chose Bribie Island as their destination of choice. David says they all had a very exciting...


Bonjour my lovelies, Well the holiday season is now over and the everyday becomes the everyday again. But of course beloved readers we now know that that the everyday can be the magical if we have eyes to see and ears to hear. A...
Financial and money advice. Counsellor


Tags: Financial and money advice. Counsellor If you’re experiencing financial problems credit repair and debt management firms may fail to fix your credit and debt issues. You may finish up paying high fees resulting in additional financial stress. Credit repair companies may offer ‘debt fix’,...
local clubs and groups beefstake bribie island


Tags: Bribie Island Last September the 35th International Beefsteak and Burgundy Convention was held in Australia’s Coonawarra wine region. A long way to drive, however, the four members of the Bribie- Pumicestone Club #283 who attended the 3-day meeting were very...


Today children are told to expect that they will have many career and job changes throughout their working life. But it wasn’t always so. Local Sandstone point resident Maria Boland has just completed 50 years of service to the nursing profession. This is Maria’s...
Fishing spots and tide times. Bribie Island. Moreton Bay. Brisbane. Redcliffe. Deception Bay

Fishing report and tide times Bribie Island Feb 2019

Tags: Fishing spots and tide times. Bribie Island. Moreton Bay. Brisbane. Redcliffe. Deception Bay Wow, what a great month of weather we have just had. Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect run of weather over the Christmas holiday break. Hot sunny days, crystal clear...
bribie island bowls club


The cutting of the ribbon ceremony officiated by Division 1 Councillor Brooke Savige on Australia Day officially marked the completion of a million dollar renovation for the popular club. Featured Image(above): L to R: Lynn Brayley - Vice Chairman, Kevin Bertwistle - General Manager, Division 1 Councillor...


Tags: Bribie Island Business. Renovators. Handyman. If you are in need of someone to help with small repairs or are undertaking a major bathroom or laundry reno then there is a family business on Bribie that’s keen to help. Owners of Mark’s Handyman Services, Mark and...
Bribie Island taverns. Pubs. Places to go. Things to do. Music.


Tags: Bribie Island taverns. Pubs. Places to go. Things to do. Music. Every event was really well attended and throughout the weekend, there was much laughter, good times and above all, great live music. Friday night saw the return of Dave Lynch jr who showed...
rotary fundraiser events bribie island markets

The Rotary Markets – Bribie Island

When I first heard the hauntingly beautiful “In A Persian Market” which was written by Albert Ketèlbey I was so impressed with the way the music allowed you to actually visualise a scene. As a young girl, listening to this piece of music, exotic...


We may celebrate Australia Day as the day to recognise how wonderful it is to live in this great country but to really appreciate the Aussie spirit just add a disaster (natural or manmade) and see how the community responds. Well, the recent January...
weather brisbane queensland

Weather – SE Queensland – Where has all the rain gone?

Tags: Weather. Queensland. Brisbane. Bribie Island. Mackay Flooding. Its been a while since Bribie has seen any decent worthwhile rain.  Some places in SE Queensland haven't seen a drop of rain in almost 2 months.  Ipswich has only received 5.6 mm of rain since Christmas day and...


We hear the sirens quite frequently on Bribie. It is a fact of life with the age of our population that quite often many of us are in need of their assistance. Generally, this will be the ambos (god bless their care and compassion)...
letters editor

Letters to the Editor Jan 2019

Dear Editor, I have heard of two more instances this week in the on-going dilemma facing folk who end up in Caboolture Hospital as patients only to find themselves discharged at 4am or some similar time (often still in nightwear if they have been...
Bribie islander Beach Report

The Bribie Islander Beach Report Jan 2019

Tags: Beaches. Beach Report & Conditions Bribie Island. Moreton Bay. Brisbane Hi all, welcome to the inaugural Bribie Island National Park- Beach report bought to you by Michael and Rick from Gateway Discovery Tours. Let’s talk four-wheel driving. A four-wheel drive and an all-wheel-drive vehicle...
Bribie siland fishing report tide times moreton bay brisbane

Fishing report, tide times Bribie Island Jan – Feb 2019

Tags: Fishing spots and tide times. Bribie Island. Moreton Bay. Brisbane. Redcliffe. Deception Bay Well, our fishermen have been making the most of our great weather over the last week with some great catches to be had. We have seen a lot of Bream in...
Celebrities. Famous People. Actors. OMAR SHARIF


Tags: Celebrities. Famous People. Actors. OMAR SHARIF When Omar Sharif introduced me into the glamorous world of international contract bridge in 1969, little did I suspect that he had set into motion a chain reaction which would culminate 40 years later in my developing THE 35...

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