After my last article, I talked about the experiences of owning and running a cafe from scratch with zero experience in the hospitality industry. It has been a real eyeopener I can tell you! We have now sold the cafe to Aaron and his youtube star kids from Bellara! Me and Selina (my wife) bought the Cafe in September last year and knew that it would be a bit tricky at the weekends what with 3 kids and all but we soldiered on and made it work as best we could. The experience we gained and the people we met were great!

Not all of the people were great though. In the early days of operating we met a senior couple that came for breakfast on a busy Sunday morning, the lady ordered an extra piece of bacon. After our young cafe hand came back in looking rather sheepish, I asked: “what’s wrong?” The lady had just abused him because she never got her extra piece of bacon.

I went out and apologised several times offered to get the missing bacon, nope, offered her money back, nope, asked how I could make the situation right, nope! She said we had failed as a cafe and that she was going to tell everyone on Bribie that we are the worst cafe on the island!! Clearly, she was out to upset someone and no doubt unhappy, you know that sort of person I mean?

So I simply responded in a polite voice “well that’s stupid, isn’t it? Because you don’t know everyone on Bribie do you?” And walked off. I don’t like to be rude but I also won’t take that kind of crap. She did not know what to say and was never seen at the cafe again, thank god. On this note I have to say that I will never complain again about waiting at a cafe or restaurant, not that I do anyway but I now know why it takes an hour to get a tables food out and it’s not funny or pleasant to have the pressure on and a load of hungry customers or is it, hangry customers!

Remember next time you’re out for a feed on a Sunday morning being the busiest day, remember to be patient or ask at the time of ordering how long it will be? I’m sure everyone working are trying as hard as they can to get it right but it is a tough gig I can tell you, so be gentle! Welcome Aaron, Alex and Aedan to the cafe industry but this is now a cafe with a difference its called “The Digital Cafe” and already has 2 massive screens at the front and Aaron has plans to add more digital features along the way so watch this space, and don’t forget to shop at The Digital Cafe and subscribe to their facebook page for free coffee and more super deals!! Well done guys I wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing The Digital Cafe grow!