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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Bribie Winelander – Feb 2019

Each month we showcase wines other than Sauvignon Blanc and I suppose there would be some out there in Wineland that suspect I don’t like this wine style and nothing could be further from...
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The Bribie Winelander Feb 2019

Recently we had a look at the new varieties that are appearing on the market place but let’s not forget Australia has for a long time been producing outstanding wines from traditional French German...

The Bribie Winelander Feb 2019

I received an email from Malcolm who is going to try out a Fiano as a change and would I have a look at Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Valpolicella and Chenin Blanc as alternative varieties to...
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The Bribie Winelander Jan 2019

Greetings and a happy New Year. Let’s make a New Year’s resolution and try some of the different white wine and red wine grape varieties out there and give Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and...


Rush down to your wine cellar and see if you have any French wines from The Bourgogne region or The Bordeaux region with an emphasis on the 1945 vintage, this could be your lotto...
Fortified wines and brandy. Wine. Red. White.


Tags: Wine. White. Red. Chardonnay. Reisling. Australian wines. My friend Philip certainly leans to the left in life, it is rumoured he even has a Gough Whitlam tattoo on his right buttock but it is...
Wines. Sparkling. White. Red. Shiraz. Queensland. Australian


Tags: Wine. Red. White. To say it is an understatement that we live in the lucky country when it comes to wine was emphasised when I recently received a wine book from my golfing chum...
Fortified wines and brandy. Wine. Red. White.

Fortified wines and brandy

Tags: Fortified wines and brandy. Wine. Red. White. Over recent months we have covered the winemaking skills with table wines and sparkling wines but there are two segments which were the heroes of the industry...
Italian wines. Red. White. Wine. 

Italian wines – The Bribie Winelander

Tags: Italian wines. Red. White. Wine. At the last Beefsteak and Burgundy dinner held at the Surf Club, I found myself doing something I hadn’t done for some time and that was taking the cork...
Wines. White. Red. Wine. Grape Varieties.

Wines – a long history

Tags: History. White and red wines. Last month we looked at the making of white and red wines and the fact that modern winemaking techniques have greatly improved what we drink today compared to the...

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