Welcome; Edition 217 Out Now!

Welcome to issue 217 of our magazine! We are thrilled to present diverse, captivating stories and valuable insights. In upcoming editions, we would like to introduce a dedicated page that will allow our readers to contribute their own practical tips and tricks. Whether it’s an enlightening personal epiphany, a cherished family tradition of wisdom, or a valuable piece of advice gleaned from a friendly neighbour, we welcome your input. We will carefully review each submission and select the most compelling and useful ones for publication.

Moreover, we are eager to highlight acts of kindness and heartwarming tales. If you have experienced exceptional service, been the recipient of a stranger’s generosity, or been moved by an unexpected heartwarming moment, we urge you to share these stories with us. Let’s come together to celebrate our community’s unwavering spirit through these touching and inspiring contributions!

So please start emailing them to me, and we can start putting it together. I hope you all have a fantastic fortnight, Until next time.//

Take care, Stay safe,



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