Welcome; Edition 204 Out Now!

Welcome to edition 204! There are only two more editions for the year, with our last one being our bumper issue! So much is happening around our district coming into Christmas, with quite a few Christmas carol events, B. I Music Festival, various art showings at the B.I.C.A.S, Gem Club/Woodcrafters and Pottery Market Day, Weaving Water @ Yarun and the Croquet Club’s fundraising day. There are endless possibilities to amuse yourself and the family, which I am sure will be enjoyed by all.

We all need to get behind these community events to ensure they continue and thrive. It does make it very hard, though, when thoughtless wastes of humanity decide to steal recently laid turf at the Croquet Club grounds, not only ruining the field but also costing money they don’t have, to repair the damage. Not once, but twice!

To people who say, get over it, its only grass, my reply is, It’s NOT YOUR GRASS and that it is theft, vandalism and stolen from a Not-For-Profit organisation that fundraises for the community. I hope the grubs who have done this, read this editor’s note, {Highly unlikely they do, as their intelligence level seems to be low}, but if they do, know that you are lower than pond scum, this is heartbreaking for the club and the damage you have done costs more than just money. Here is a hot tip, get a job, buy some grass seed and actually grow the grass you so desperately want and stop thieving from those who are helping our community! So, yet again, another rant over, I hope you all have a wonderful fortnight,



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