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wildlife native wildlife australian queensland moreton bay bribie island

Bribie Island Wildlife – Black Kite Milvus migrans

Tags: Native wildlife. Birds. Black Kite Moreton Bay. Queensland. Australia. Black Kites are seen very rarely on Bribie Island but are more common on the mainland around Caboolture. I have sometimes seen one flying between...
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Little Red Flying Foxes Visit the Sanctuary of Bribie Island

A most remarkable phenomenon is happening right now here on Bribie Island. Thousands of the Little Red Flying Foxes have come to enjoy the flowering trees. They are the only flying fox in the...
australian queensland moreton bay wildlife native birds (1)

Australian Wildlife – Arrival – BIRDS IN THE YARD

I have very mixed feelings about our South East Queensland Summers; all that heat and humidity. I found it particularly trying when I first came to Bribie and made my feelings quite clear to...
wildlife native wildlife australian queensland moreton bay bribie island

Australian Bribie Wildlife – Whistling Kite Halaistur Sphenurus

Whistling Kite. Australian, Queensland, Moreton Bay, Bribie Island native wildlife. Birds. Whistling Kites are medium-sized raptors commonly seen and heard while soaring above all areas of Bribie Island. Their whistling calls while in flight or...
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Rotary & Youth

Most people do not associate organisations such as Rotary with young people. I know I did not, but I have since learned that I was mistaken. In this article, I will attempt to give...
wildlife native wildlife australian queensland moreton bay bribie island

Bribie Island Wildlife – White-Necked Heron – Ardea Pacifica

Tags: Native Wildlife. Birds. White-Necked Heron – Ardea Pacifica. Bribie Island. Moreton Bay. Queensland. Australian. White-necked Herons are occasional visitors to Bribie Island and are almost always seen near shallow waters. I have seen them...

Arrival – In Flagrante

During the last few weeks, we have noted with interest and pleasure, the presence of three Lace Monitors of varying sizes in our backyard. A Lace Monitor, Varanus varius, can grow up to two...
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Bribie Island Community Events – Whats On This Month February 2020

16TH Melsa Park Miniature Train Time: 10.00am - 2.30pm. Put your The Melsa Park Miniature Train rides is a miniature steam train that takes passengers on a delightful 500 metre journey around the Melsa...

International Women’s Day Breakfast with VIEW

International Women’s Day will be celebrated by Bribie VIEW Club at a breakfast on Friday 6th March. Local author Tina Marie Clark has been invited as the guest speaker. Tina was born in Zimbabwe,...

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