Time to Declutter?


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Recently, I had to move, and those who know me know I am constantly getting rid of things. My mother often asks have you got anything left to get rid of? I always laugh and say, yes, I still have a few things. At a glance, it looked like I did not have a lot; friends often commented how my place had a lot of space; I think what they meant was my place looked rather sparse, and it appeared I had minimal…

I thought that too and liked it that way… well, that was until I started packing. Boy, was I surprised about how much stuff I had lurking in the cupboards! I realised like many of us, I have more than what I need. Most have a hard time admitting we have too much stuff, though the moment of truth comes when we come to move. It is then we find out what we really have gathered around the home. So, how do we really define what we need? Here are some strategies to start emptying your space:

  • When did you last use it?
  • What does it cost, and how easy is it to replace?
  • What does it cost to move or store it?
  • Does the item evoke good, happy memories or sad ones?
  • Do you need it, really want it, or love it?
  • How much do you want to have freedom from your stuff?
  • What is the reason for keeping it?
  • Are you procrastinating or delaying deciding regarding a particular item?
  • Can you gift it to someone who may use it?

My favourite question is, does this represent who I am today, and would I buy it today, being the person I am? Whilst it can be hard to answer some of these questions, it is important to focus on the goal of wanting to live with less. Not only does it take less time when it comes to moving, but it can save us a lot of time and energy by not having to clean, maintain, or repair the things we do not really need, as well as saving time going through things.

Material things offer short-term happiness in this journey called life. Happiness does not come from what you have; it is something within you. Real happiness is having nothing and feeling full.

If you want more happiness in your life or are looking at setting some goals, and want some help in achieving them, reach out and give me a call. I can help you work out how to obtain your aspirations, whether it is decluttering, releasing weight, or a new life direction.

Always with love, Maria Christina FB: MariaChristina.
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