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Herd Together Inc is a registered charity based in Bellmere, Our core program “ Horses Helping Humans™ helps us to learn effective communication and body language skills. Specifically, the program teaches participants the basics of natural horsemanship ground skills, (no riding involved) which is based on mutual respect and trust between horse and handler.

Through our programs, we aim to foster trust and establish stronger emotional connections between participant’s and their support systems. By utilising the immediate and non-threatening feedback provided by the horses, we teach emotional regulation and respectful communication skills. This approach empowers participants to build selfconfidence, develop social awareness, and re-engage with their education,
workforce, community, and family.

Many young people who have experienced trauma struggle with negative selfthoughts, which can lead to communication difficulties, challenging behaviour, low self-esteem, and a feeling of hopelessness. Often, these youth are hesitant to engage with social systems such as school, work, and family.

Participants are introduced to techniques on how to focus, turn anger or anxiety calm assertiveness, and offer practical ways to apply effective communication which is easily transferable to interpersonal (human to human) communication, each session gives valuable take-home skills to use in everyday communication.

Based in Bellmere set on 8 acres we have a team of 6 horses and ponies of various sizes, here to assist you. We work with many services including NDIS, child safety, youth justice, women&’s organisations, and families.

We welcome volunteers who are experienced horse handlers or retirees looking to assist with maintenance on property or fundraising.