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By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander


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Whenever someone sees a piece of beautiful art that resembles something such as a wave or beach scene and has been framed and hung on a wall, it is only natural then to assume that the artist has used their skill with a brush to create the finished work.

Featured Image(above): No brushes were used when Artworks Cafe Gallery owner,
Isabelle Depetro created this wave

However, Artworks Café Gallery owner Isabelle Depetro said that when the realistic images such as that of a wave which adorns the walls of her business were created, no brushes were used. After moving to the area from Melbourne and taking over the business almost four months ago, Isabelle has introduced her “no brush” method of art to a number of locals, some of whom are already established artists and others who have become interested in this rather different but effective style.

‘I studied graphic art and photography but then life got in the way so my love of art got put on hold until when I heard about this method from my sister,’ said Isabelle. ‘This style of art is known as “Pouring” and once I discovered what it was all about, I became addicted,’ she told me. Isabelle explained that Pouring involves mixing colours and then applying the mix onto a surface before using such items as a piece of string, a Coke bottle or even a balloon to create the final result.

‘Pouring is a completely free-flowing form of art and, as opposed to the more recognised methods, there are no rules and each result is a complete surprise,’ she pointed out. ‘To me, art is a form of total relaxation and something that I really enjoy is being able to teach what I have learned on to others,’ said Isabelle. She said that some of the students only come once but there are others who get hooked. ‘They are the ones who have a real talent for it,’ Isabelle remarked.

At The Artworks Café Gallery, Isabelle not only serves great coffee and snacks, but she also promotes her style of art and conducts regular classes for those who are interested in learning her method. The Artworks Café Gallery can be found directly behind Leading Appliances on Benabrow Avenue in Bellara and as well as being a great place to visit for a look at the range of art on display and to enjoy the tasty fare on offer, this rather secluded venue even offers Wednesday morning patrons the opportunity to relax with entertainment by well-known musician, Keith Haigh.

The doors are open from 8 am until 3 pm, Tuesday to Friday, and from 8 am to 12 pm on Saturday. Isabelle conducts workshops on Saturday afternoons from 1 pm until 4 pm and also Thursday afternoons. Anyone who is interested in finding out more about Pouring is welcome to either call into The Artworks Café Gallery or give Isabelle a call on 0403 222 226.

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