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By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander

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As I’m sure readers of this publication are already aware, I am a frequent visitor to the Bribie Island Community Arts Centre and along with that, the Mathew Flinders Gallery and each time that I set foot in that gallery, I am reminded of the diverse array of talent that exists within our area. I recall having already commented on just how busy the gallery will be for the entirety of 2018 and, with half of the year now behind us, there have been some great exhibitions displayed on the gallery walls including the most recent Eclectica 3 which ran from June 12th until June 24th when it was replaced by Glenda Charles’ “Connection” exhibition.

Featured image(above); Sue Davy’s Looking up over Kilcoy

“Eclectica 3 was an exhibit by the Contemporary Art Practices group and featured what I would describe as some of the best works to be hung in the gallery this year. Included in the display was Tina Galloway’s “Love Many” and “The Pup” as well as “Looking Up Over Kilcoy” by Sue Davy. I was also impressed by the collection of art produced from recycled and repurposed objects.

Featuring in the Mathew Flinders Gallery until July 9th, “Connection” is a testament to the dedication and inspiration experienced by the artist whenever she walked into the studio to create, not knowing what will happen. ‘Painting is an important way for me to express emotion and I try to keep as open as possible to see what bubbles up from the subconscious,’ said Glenda. ‘This exhibition requires sitting on the earth more and contemplating big landscapes.

I was often drawn to tears by the beauty of what we have here,’ she added. Glenda explained that the exhibition has been inspired by the pressing issues of the environment and is a part of BIEPA’s fortieth anniversary events. Artist of the Month is always a wonderful chance to learn about some of the talented people within our community and for July the Art Centre will feature the very talented photographer and artist, Kathrin Dierich. Kathrin’s works have been published in books, magazines, and newspapers and she was recently announced as the winner of the Faber- Castell Urban Sketching Competition. When discussing her photography, Kathrin says that she believes in the meaningfulness of every object and therefore does not use Photoshop to create or alter her images.

‘Photography is a humble process and you can’t force things,’ Kathrin remarked. Unlike painting, you can’t create and arrange anything so you have to find them and capture the image at a moment when everything is in its right place,’ she said. The Bribie Island Community Art Centre is situated on Sunderland Drive at Banksia Beach and is open on each day except Monday from 10 am until 4 pm.

Anyone who would like further information about the activities at the centre should pay them a visit or give them a call on 3408 9288.

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