Beds take up lots of room in a bedroom


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They not only take up lots of actual space, but visual space as well. That’s why a beautifully made bed can make the whole room look amazing! Designers know this and use bed linens to their maximum potential! A fabulously made bed can make the whole room appear updated and chic and beautiful, even if the rest of it is very ordinary! And layering bedding really amps the up the wow factor even more! Here are some tips and tricks for layering bedding like a designer! We can all do this!

LAYER DECORATIVE SHAMS & PILLOWS IN FRONT This is where you can add a lot of personality – layer decorative shams and/ or pillows in front of your sleeping pillows. Choosing a variety of neutral shades and textures creates a restful, luxurious feel while more colourful patterned pillows are a great way to make your space more vibrant. For a queen bed, you can do anything from a simple arrangement of two 20″ decorative pillow centred between them.

PROTECT YOUR MATTRESS Before adding your bedding, be sure to fully encase your mattress in a zippered mattress protector. Unprotected mattresses can actually double in weight after ten years due to the accumulation of millions of dust mites – so gross! A mattress protector that not only protects from dust mites, pollen, and other household allergens but is also waterproof (a must with kids!) is key.

MAKE YOUR BED SKIRT THE PERFECT LENGTH Start by making your bed skirt the perfect length – it should just barely graze the floor. The key is to use upholstery twist pins to secure your bed skirt to the box-spring at the exact length needed. The best part is that they hold your bed skirt in place through sheet changes too so don’t have to keep readjusting it.

PUT YOUR FLAT SHEET ON UPSIDE DOWN Next come your fitted and flat sheets. You can go with the simple, luxurious look of white sheets but patterned sheets are a fun option for adding colour and interest to your bed. Make your bed with the finished side of your flat sheet face down so that when you fold back the top foot or so of your sheet you see the pretty edging or pattern.

ADD A QUILT OR COVERLET Next layer on a quilt or coverlet. Fold the top foot of it AND your flat sheet back toward the end of the bed. Tuck the sides in under your mattress.

LAYER ON A FOLDED DUVET OR COMFORTER Adding a duvet or comforter is the next step and it’s a key one because it’s what will make your bed look plush and inviting! There are a couple of ways you can do this – you can fold it in thirds the foot of the bed like this:.//4. ADD SLEEPING PILLOWS Put zippered pillow protectors on your sleeping pillows: Followed by decorative pillow covers. You can either stand the pillows along the headboard of the bed or stack them lying down like this.

ADD END-OF-BED BENCH OR STOOLS The last step doesn’t really have to do with making the bed BUT there’s something about adding a bench or stools to the foot of your bed that makes everything come together. And this woven bench at the foot of the bed.

Now all that’s left is to slip into your favourite pj’s and cosy into your fabulous bed with a good book or the remote and a favourite movie. Warning: once you’ve created the perfect bed, you may never want to leave it