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According to John Manning, Electrical Proprietor of Harvey Norman Rothwell, Harvey Norman as a brand, is always the first choice retailer by all suppliers when releasing new technology products into the Australian market. “What this means for Bribie Islanders is that they get the opportunity to visit our Harvey Norman Rothwell store and experience something that may not be available anywhere else in the local market,” said John.

And John Manning is very excited right now to tell the people of Bribie about the cutting edge in Television technology with the launch of the Samsung QLED 900 SERIES 8K TV. John says even if you haven’t heard of 8K TV, seeing the Samsung QLED 900 SERIES 8K TV in real life will absolutely change the way you think about television. “I welcome the people of Bribie to pop on down to my store at Rothwell and check out this incredible television. We have it in-store now for your perusal.

Most importantly we have our friendly team who are able to give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision and of course at a reasonable price and with our exceptional service,” said John. He said that Samsung is “First to Market” in Australia with this new Technology of 8K Television and are partnering with Harvey Norman to launch it onto the Australian market.

“Because Harvey Norman is a tremendous business partner with Samsung they have chosen Harvey Norman to be a ‘Launch Partner’. With this in mind, I would like the opportunity to make readers aware of some of the features and benefits that this new product can bring to your viewing experience,” he said. “Firstly, the Samsung QLED 900 SERIES 8K TV is an LED TV with Quantum Dot Technology which will enhance the colour and contrast available.

This, in turn, makes the TV great for any environment whether it be a well-lit room or dark media room. It has a massive 33million pixels which are all but invisible to the naked eye.” He says Samsung claim 8K TVs can use advanced processing to upscale HD and 4K images to 8K, inventing detail and removing noise to make vision look clearer and sharper on the big screen.

“For anyone that views a lot of free to air television, Netflix, Foxtel, Stan or any of the other streaming services, or spends any time gaming then this will be a real game-changer in your viewing experience. We would like to invite you to come and see this amazing technology instore,” he says.


For many readers, we are the generation that grew up with television as the primary entertainment and social medium for the era. Mum, Dad and the kids gathering around a fuzzy black and white cathode ray tube TV set and watching first-run British or American TV shows along with a smattering of Australian homegrown content.

While our southern cousins in Sydney and Melbourne enjoyed the launch of television in 1956 it wasn’t until August 1959 that Brisbane enjoyed this groundbreaking technology. Back then television, for those who could afford it, was truly a family entertainment medium. TV programming schedules meant that favourite programs needed to be watched when they were broadcast. No luxury of being able to record programs or take advantage of time-shifting technology.

Those families that couldn’t afford this luxury consumer item quite often managed to visit a friend or relative who owned this marvellous new medium at the most convenient time when their favourite program just happened to be being broadcast. Television literally brought families and friends together. Fast forward to 2019 and marvel at the technology that allows us to not only to watch what we want where and when we want to but also to create content that can be uploaded and shared on global video streaming platforms.

While the change in broadcasting and how we consume that programming has radically changed the desire to see the absolute best picture and sound quality has not. This is why Harvey Norman Rothwell has sponsored the cover for this Issue #93 as part of their launch of the next generation SAMSUNG QLED 8 K television. If you enjoy your television viewing then do yourself a favour and check out this amazing technology for yourself.

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