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When a man is punished by his wife or partner for doing something stupid, annoying or, just wrong in so many ways, it is often said that he is in the doghouse and this description may very well be the most accurate way to sum up the permanent living arrangements of Woorim resident, Brett Ironmonger.

Brett is the husband of Glamour Petz owner Robyn Ironmonger and, as one would expect, both Robyn and Brett are dedicated animal lovers, even to the extent of having eight large dog statues fixed to the railing of the front deck and roof of the carport. ‘It all began when Brett bought two of the statues from a place called Nature World at Brendale as a birthday present for me,’ Robyn explained. ‘With the dog statues all the way across the front of the house, it seems to have become a bit of an attraction for passersby.

We even have buses pull up for the passengers to take a few happy snaps,’ she said. Robyn also told me that they eventually intend to get even more of the lifelike statues. Prior to commencing her “Glamour Petz” business thirteen years ago, Robyn worked at Australia Zoo so I guess the founding of an animal related business was the obvious choice for her when leaving the zoo.

As I spoke to Robyn about the “Doghouse” and her business which she tells me now has three hundred customers, it became clear that this was someone who is dedicated to the welfare of animals and ensures that she provides the best possible service to pet owners. ‘My assistants and I normally start at around 7 am, and finish at 6 pm. At the moment we are so busy and are fully booked until Christmas,’ said Robyn. ‘Everyone wants their dog to be clean at Christmas,’ she added.

The Ironmonger’s “Doghouse” is on Arcadia Avenue in Woorim and I would not be surprised if it soon earns the reputation of being another Bribie Island icon in the near future. Although the popular dog grooming business is booked out at the moment, anyone who would like to get their dog pampered in the New Year should give Robyn a call on 0401 382 491.

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