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With good health and well being a priority for most of us here on Bribie it is good news when a new business in the complimentary health area opens its doors to the general populace.

Featured image(above): Owner and therapist of Bribie Family Naturopath Clinic, Sheridan Blanchard

On Wednesday, May 1 the Bribie Family Naturopath Clinic will be open for business at Shop 8/9 Toorbul Street Bongaree. Owner and therapist of the practice Sheridan Blanchard who holds an Adv Diploma Nut, Bachelor of complementary medicine. Sheridan is a fully qualified and practising naturopath, covering a range of therapies and ailments. A credited member of the Australian Traditional medicine society, Sheridan has a great passion for helping her clients to regain health and balance in their lives. “I am an avid believer of the body’s innate ability to heal.

Utilising time-proven and evidence-based naturopathic methods I aim to support this process of restoration,” said Sheridan. On meeting, Sheridan comes across as having a friendly, empathetic and non-judgmental nature which is perfectly suited to the naturopathic profession. She says her passion for naturopathy and her desire to better the lives of her friends, family and the community with her education is a strong driving force for her.

“It is my goal not only to assist people in achieving their perfect state of health but to educate people and empower them with the tools to live not only a healthy life but a life of happiness and longevity – the birthright of each and every one of us,” she enthuses! According to Sheridan, she aims to cut through all the confusing and conflicting information that is out there and deliver sound evidence-based advice tailored to the individual.

Sheridan says her clinical points of difference include accurately determining patients’ health and appropriate treatment plans based on a careful acquisition of individual case history. Using pathology for in-depth testing and referring and communicating with doctors and specialists. She provides analysis of blood pathology, mixes custom blended herbal liquids from the herbal dispensary as well as providing clients with advice on natural treatments/supplements, specific food, and diet knowledge/advice.

“I am also constantly researching and learning about up to date information in the health care sector to ensure I provide the very best advice to my clients,” she said. You can contact Sheridan to make an appointment on 0468 479 144.

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