Sandy’s Sheet Service


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“Sandy’s sheet service” (for individuals) was only launched recently, after seven years of on-going success for her holiday rental unit, linen supply business on Bribie. Since starting her new laundering service “for everyone” , she has been “knocked down in the rush” with enthusiastic new clients, ranging from business people, who don’t have the time to do their weekly linen change, to others who simply don’t like the chore, to her favourites “the oldies”, who just find it too hard to manage baskets of wet washing or the effort to hang heavy blankets or doonas on the line. Many people these days don’t have enough clothes-line space to dry these big and bulky items.

Sandy says “every one of her new customers have been delighted with product & service she provides and that she is already getting great word of mouth referrals, from all of them.” The fact that Sandy can professionally launder & return big items, for a cheaper price than a visit to the laundromat, with no dragging the items backwards & forth or waiting & watching while your doona or blanket “goes round & round”, makes her service a boon for all. Everybody comments on how great their washing smells when she returns it. Being originally from Germany, Sandy is fastidious about the quality of the job she does, as well as the end result for her treasured clients.

It seems, there are so many people who either can’t handle the bulky linen, doonas, blankets etc., don’t want to deal with these big items or they simply don’t have the time. Sandy already has many clients who run businesses in and around Bribie, who are “rapped” that someone else can do this timeconsuming chore for them.

Sandy’s simple service of washing & sun-drying the linen, ironing & returning it, starts at around $16 for a queen set. She will also strip the bed & re-make it on return, for around $20 and she can quote you for other sizes and types of items to be washed.

Now Sandy has gift vouchers, so for as little as $20 you can help someone close to you avoid the laborious washing chores, whilst solving that age-old dilemma of “What am I going to buy my parents or grandparents for Christmas? They already have all the things they want or need.”

So, if you’d like to put a smile on Grandma’s face this Christmas, with a really useful present, Sandy’s Gift Vouchers can be customised to a one-off price or she can offer a subscription, for weekly or fortnightly service.

For more information, or a quote on your “washing job”, please call Sandy on 0409 385 611, email her on [email protected] or find “Sandy’s Sheet Service” on Facebook.