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Newly appointed Centre Manager for Bribie Island Aquatic Centre, Michelle McKiernan, is already winning favour among Bribie residents for her pragmatic view on the use of the indoor heated pool. Michelle has been in the Leisure industry for 15 years working at various aquatic facilities within the Moreton Bay Regional area.

“I have a passion for working with the community and love turning our services into the best possible experience for the locals including those who visit this wonderful island,” she said. Michelle realises that with Bribie’s significant older aged population the need to cater for exercise and rehabilitation is very important especially when it comes to the Indoor Heated Programs Pool at the Bribie Island Aquatic Leisure Centre. “I understand that there have been many names for this very popular pool and I would like to explain some often heated questions,” she said.

“Nowadays an Indoor Heated Programs Pool and a Hydrotherapy pool are facilities both considered as small indoor heated pools.” Michelle explains the difference between the two. “The term “hydrotherapy” is common practice both as alternative medicine and as part of mainstream hospital’s physiotherapy treatments. A hydrotherapy pool means different things to different people, for some it is very specific, catering for physical therapy users only, for others it is a pool that can be used for a specific range of medical purposes. “Hydrotherapy facilities are accessible within specific areas such as senior living facilities or physical therapy businesses from hospitals or charities.

bribie island aquatic center pool-2

New Centre Manager, Michelle McKiernan

Physiotherapists also recommend hydrotherapy and aquatic therapy for improving recovery times following surgery and injury. The temperature in a hydrotherapy pool is very specific and should remain at 36°C, and never go above 38°C. “An indoor heated programs pool has a much larger scope, providing greater access to the community. People who wish to access the Indoor Heated Programs Pool use it for a wide range of aquatic programs such as aqua aerobics, Learn to swim lessons, aquatic exercise, aquatic therapy, rehabilitation as well as aquatic physiotherapy.

The temperature in an Indoor Heated Programs Pool should remain at 30 – 32°C. This temperature is still suitable for medical purposes. “With the community in mind, it is more feasible to provide Bribie Island residents with a Heated Indoor Programs pool (averaging 32 degrees) which can cater for both physical therapy and programming requirements.

“I have already met with some of the regular “morning crew” that access the indoor program’s pool and am happy to share that I have already put some specific plans in place. As with any newly introduced plans, there are bound to be teething issues but I’m hoping the community will be patient and work WITH me so we can eventually find the correct “fit” for all the community rather than just a specific portion. “As a proud team member of Belgravia Leisure, I look forward to connecting the Bribie Island community to the many leisure options we have here at the pool!”

bribie island aquatic center pool-2

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