10 money saving tips for food shopping

By The Bribie Islander

money saving tips for shopping

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  • 1. Stick to one shop a week Doing one large shop rather than several small ones cuts down on impulse buys, takeaway and wastage. Plan ahead and write a weekly meal menu so you can get all ingredients you need at once. You can online shop to avoid picking up unnecessary items when you walk the aisles – order your groceries online and pick up for free.


  • 2. Make use of leftovers Cook larger portions of your meals and freeze them to use as leftovers. Pizzas, bolognaise sauce, curries, lasagne and soup all freeze well and can also be handy lunch options.


  • 3. Taking a cut lunch to work and school Packing your own and school lunches a few times a week could save you a whole lot of cash. Rather than using the tuckshop could save hundreds of dollars and give you more control over what your child is eating.


  • 4. Bottle your own water There’s something satisfying about bottled water, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy a new bottle every day. Buy the bottle and then subsequently refill it from a tap or water cooler.


  • 5. Go grocery shopping on a full stomach Studies show that hunger may cause you to buy extra or unnecessary items while doing your weekly grocery shop. Save money by eating beforehand.


  • 6. Generic brands Next time you go to the supermarket, consider buying the cheaper generic brand version of some of the things on your list. There’s could be little to no difference in quality, but the price saving will add up over time.


  • 7. Make your own cleaning products Check online for a range of recipes to make your own cleaning products such as detergents, disinfectants or stain removers. Baking soda, vinegar, table salt and lemon juice are just some of the items from your pantry you can use. Be careful when dealing with dangerous chemicals.


  • 8. Get your head out of the fridge Know what you want from the fridge before opening it. The fridge can use a lot of power if the door is opened and closed multiple times, or held open for an extended period, as the temperature needs to reset.


  • 9. Freeze goods Save on the shelf life of some products by popping them in the freezer e.g. bread, meat, flour, cooked rice.


  • 10. Take your reusable bags to the supermarket Save on buying plastic bags and put your reusable options in the car, at your workplace or wrap one up in your handbag ready for your next shop.

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