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Vanhub is your one stop hub for caravan sales, inspection, valuations and assessments. If you’re in the market for a new caravan or require a caravan inspection or valuation, Vanhub can assist. Their 40 plus years of expertise and personalised service will ensure an amazing caravan journey ahead for you and your family.

Vanhub pride themselves on the service side of their business offering a mobile service for customers which is so much easier than having to move your caravan every time you need work done. They want to offer more to travellers, purchasers and the industry. Sharing time with partners and or family exploring this amazing country of ours is such an amazing experience. They want to help customers enjoy their journeys safely with the independent and expert advice they deserve.

Vanhub is a new business, however with over 40 years combined experience within the caravan industry, running large RV businesses in QLD this is the place you need to see if you are looking for a caravan.

Vanhub is a family business owned by two mates Dan & Glen. These guys are truly passionate about their chosen industry, love camping, caravanning and the outdoors. Glen has travelled Australia for nearly 6 years, leaving with wife Amiee and one child and returning with two more!

Both Dan and Glen are Qld Hvras officers, with Dan spending two years on the board of Caravan Industry Victoria.

Then you add Ron Williams to the team…

Ron is a veteran of the industry and he heads up the service and repair centre which is located at 3/15 Cessna Drive Caboolture. Ron takes great pride in his work and makes sure he maintains the highest safety standards in the business. The new service centre has been established to service all brands not only Vanhub’s. They guarantee quality and workmanship and safe future travels…Insurance specialists in the event of accidents, hail damage etc.

Vanhub’s business is all about giving clients true, accurate information allowing them to make a fantastic choice when buying their van or camper, very few have the experience to model & design a caravan not knowing the variables in weight changes when planning.

Vanhub offer a range of products from the full off road hybrid’s by Altitude Campers, Eternity Caravans and their very own Australian built custom vans “Iconic Caravans”.

They also offer a pre-purchase inspection that helps our clients make a great decision and investment when considering a used van…a little like an RACQ inspection for cars, but caravan specific! If there’s water leaks that are covered over, maybe the tyres are not correctly load rated, just to name two? Vanhub will give you peace of mind.

Times have changed and now people aged from 20, through to the retired love camping, and seeing our amazing country and we cater for all. Customers will leave Vanhub with information that you cannot find elsewhere. They will be very well educated after their visit helping them to make a great choice!