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The sunset years is a very special stage in the journey of life. For many, it is time to savor the present and make the most out of what life has to offer.

With a proper aged care provider, older Australians should be free from worries and focus on ways to continue an active lifestyle despite physical limitations that manifest.

St Mary’s Aged Care Sunshine Coast is one of the best aged care facilities and medical services in Australia.

Live your best life either in Coolum Beach, Pelican Waters or right in your own home.

St Mary’s Aged Care provides the following support for the elderly:

  • permanent care
  • respite care
  • dementia care
  • palliative care
  • as-needed home care

With a team of healthcare professionals on site and on immediate call, older Australians can focus on living their best life in a residential aged care facility that promotes an active lifestyle and overall wellbeing.

Aged care home provides healthcare support

There are health concerns that go beyond what a regular aged care home can offer. St Mary’s healthcare team is able to give special care to those needing more support.

What is permanent care?

This type of aged care pertains to long-term caring for the elderly.

This factors in their overall wellbeing such keeping active, mentally sharp and eating well.

Depending on the needs, this may also include assistance in showering, taking medications and mobility.

What is respite care?

This type of aged care is a temporary arrangement for when the primary caregiver is unable to attend to their duties for a period of time.

Medical services are properly turned over to the centre for the patient’s temporary home.

What is included in dementia care?

Dementia care is one of the most challenging jobs for aged care experts.

The patient is given daily routines and mental exercises to help keep the progression of memory loss.

Proper care includes regular conversations with the patient as well as patiently demonstrating and helping with daily activities such as dressing and eating.

In later stages, dementia care involves calming down and keeping the patient oriented.

Dementia can particularly be hard on the family. St Mary’s aged care home is able to ease the worries of loved ones and provide a dignified life for the patient.

What is palliative care?

This type of aged care refers to those who are suffering from a serious illness. Care involves medical treatment as well as personal care that a sick person may find challenging.

St Mary’s healthcare team is able to provide proper care for elderly patients who are suffering from serious illness.

The centre employs a registered nurse to administer needed medical services. The healthcare team do their best to help patients feel at home.

The family will be comforted with the thought that their loved one is receiving the best healthcare attention from a community that truly cares for their wellbeing.

Residents are part of the local community

Being part of a community has numerous health benefits for the elderly.

St Mary’s Aged Care Sunshine Coast retirement villages organize a regular schedule for games, events and activities to encourage socialization and a build a strong sense of community among the residents.

Residents find joy of a quality life surrounded by friends. The residents in each retirement village learn to build relationships.

They are encouraged to keep an active lifestyle with other residents who are part of the community.

The retirement villages offer regular events and activities within the facilities as well as public transport to join the local community for special occasions such as concerts and excursions to see regional attractions.

There is always something to look forward to.

With easy access to the local community as well as a busy schedule within the retirement village, residents enjoy independence and quality lives.

Timely medical services in aged care facilities

One of the biggest factors in choosing a residential aged care facility in Sunshine Coast is the quality of healthcare.

St Mary’s Aged Care provides all residents with easy access to medical services, rehab and all types of special care that an elderly could possible need.

Residents of this Sunshine Coast nursing home are properly looked after by a registered nurse.

Physiotherapists and physiotherapy aides are available for those in need of rehab support.

Doctors and pharmacy services are also available from the comfort of their residence.

Sunshine Coast aged care home – meal plans for residents

Meals provide more than nutrition, they are a source of joy for many residents.

At St. Mary’s Aged Care facilities, all meals are freshly prepared in the onsite kitchen and served in the dining areas located in every building.

Facilities include outdoor dining and barbecue areas where residents can enjoy an occasional change of scenery.

Depending on the aged care facility, there are plentiful amenities where delectable meals can be enjoyed indoor and outdoor.

For the elderly who opt for home care, aged care services include preparation of meals on a daily basis.

Rooms and amenities

Rooms and amenities vary depending on the aged care facility. All the rooms are tastefully designed and are spacious enough to allow provisions for medical equipment.

There are different room types to accommodate varying aged care needs. Provisions for mobility support are available to promote independence.

For maximum comfort, rooms feature either air-conditioning or fan options.

All rooms in each aged care facility are equipped with a nurse-call system. A registered nurse and a team of carers are ready to assist in any medical emergencies as well as non-medical support.

Each aged care site gives proper care that the elderly needs and deserves.

Meaningful family visits to aged care home

St. Mary’s Aged Care facility is conveniently located in areas of Sunshine Coast. Families are most welcome to visit their beloved residents.

While residents are busy attending to their community events and weekly schedules, there is nothing like a visit from family members to brighten their day.

There are restaurants and shops located in surrounding suburbs to take the residents for special occasions.

For the rest of the time, families have nothing to worry about – all the needs of the residents from meals to laundry and down to hair dresser, are all accessible within the aged care facility.

Residential aged care facility in Pelican Water Sunshine Coast

The retirement village located in Pelican Water Sunshine Coast provides complete aged care services.

There are 86 tastefully designed rooms surrounded by gardens and nature.

There are single rooms, rooms with ensuite and shared rooms available for couples.

This aged care facility has many wonderful features to make their residents comfortable

massive gardens

The Pelican Water retirement village is surrounded by lush gardens and the sound of nature. Seniors can enjoy long walks and endless time outdoor.

lounge areas

Family and friends are most welcome to visit their loved ones in the cozy lounge area.

Come every Friday or better yet, check which days work best for your loved one – the residents in St Mary’s can get pretty busy with their activities!

Residential aged care facility in Coolum Beach Sunshine Coast

The aged care facility on Coolum Beach Sunshine Coast provides a range of aged care facility from standard to luxury.

There are 130 rooms with single room with ensuite as well as joint suites for couples. This retirement village boasts of modern facilities such as air-conditioning units for all 130 rooms.

St Mary’s Coolum offers a luxury twist to aged care home. All luxury suites are spacious and many of them have access to an outdoor patio.

The rooms have luxury finishing with cottage furniture and timber accents.

The rooms have tasteful picture rails and shelving units to allow residents to adorn their own rooms with personal effects and create a personal touch to their surroundings.

The aged care facility in Coolum can suit the most discerning resident. It is one of the best designed nursing homes located in Sunshine Coast.

Facilities in Coolum site

Aside from a luxury finish, the Coolum site also boasts of extra special amenities for aged care support


There is a spacious clubhouse to be enjoyed for bigger gatherings and social events. Having fun has immeasurable health benefits and provides quality of life.

private lounge room

Residents can enjoy private visits with family and friends in the privacy of a lounge room.

lounge room

Residents can gather to hear music from the piano or have a range of activities in the lounge room.

hair salon

Residents can look good and feel good with a hairdresser to keep them looking their best. Self care includes a trip to the salon every week.

gazebo and aviary

The beautiful surroundings of Coolum Beach aged care facility can best be enjoyed outdoor.

A gazebo and aviary is available for the community to enjoy the music of birds chirping.

community garden

A lush vegetable garden is available for residents to pick and eat the items they want.

Residents with a green thumb enjoy growing their produce. In itself this is a therapeutic activity for everyone who participates. It also provides fresh vegetables for the community.

St Mary’s home care services

Sunshine Coast residents who prefer to live their sunset years in the comfort of their own homes, can opt for in-home aged care services.

Some people prefer to be surrounded by their own local community instead of moving to a retirement village.

A complete range of aged care services are provided to allow any Sunshine Coast community to support the elderly.

They have access to different care needs that an elderly could ever want.

Aged care services support the elderly in their local community

St Mary’s home care services enable the community to support their elderly residents by catering to their small and major needs.

The elderly are able to continue an active lifestyle with access to the care they need.

They are able to enjoy health, wellbeing and independence within the community they are used to.

Any address in Sunshine Coast can be a centre for aged care service with the help of St Mary’s home care program.

daily care needs

This refers to tasks that the elderly need to survive on a daily and regular basis.

A team of healthcare providers will take care of meal preparations and nutritional assistance as well as showering and personal hygiene needs.

Medical supervision and help with mobility is available depending on the level of home care needed.

transfers and transport to appointments

Carers are ready to transport and bring home the elderly to a centre for appointments.

Be it the bank, the doctor, the library, the dentist or any appointment they keep, home care team provides transportation and mobility assistance to their clients.

home maintenance

Chores become more and more tasking for the elderly. The home care team takes care of laundry and house cleaning needs for home care clients.


The home care team takes care of shopping for their elderly clients.

They ensure that supplies are complete and that the elderly need not stress out about trips to the supermarket.

Federal Government Provider or Private Home Care

St Mary’s home care services works as a federal government approved aged care home provider.

However, you will need an assessment by the Aged Care Assessment team. To qualify for an assessment, please coordinate with My Aged Care.

Once the process is complete, you may enjoy the home care services that is subsidized by the federal government. The only cost to you will be a minimal daily fee.

Alternately, you may opt fund your home care privately. This is a good option for those still waiting to complete their requirements but require an immediate need for aged care home.

Discuss your aged care preference with St Mary’s

Before deciding on an aged care arrangement you would want for you (and your partner), you may ask to take a tour of the retirement village communities of St Mary’s.

The main factors in choosing the best aged care for you are personal preference, location and budget.

The website shows a comprehensive description and photos of our aged care homes and home care package.

Of course, doing a personal visit to the centre gives the best idea on the care you will receive.

The rates are published to help you make an informed decision on the best aged care home for you.