Bribie’s Celtic Minstrels Went Bush To Cooyah


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We’d heard the little town of COOYAR was doing it pretty tough And then came March and that bloody COVID19. It was such a bloody curse Drought and fires throughout the land, we thought they’d had enough We couldn’t think of anything that could be bloody worse
An aging group of musicians appreciated their plight A gig at the Cooyar Pub would surely lift the spirits high.

The MINSTRELS got together without a single sigh Karyn the publican was approached who said, “That I just might” October seventeen was set for this marvellous event Arrangement made to advertise with a glossy magazine The Bribie Islander surely was heavenly sent
And advertising costs were zero. Not a single bloody bean If you told me that we see more people from Bribie there I’d have said your bloody dreamin’

Who travels that far just to breast the bloody bar? Except to hear the CELTIC MINSTRELS who also travelled far A big THANK YOU to Karyn, the licencee and publican of the Cooyar Hotel. Also, a big thank you to the hardy group of Bribie Islanders who travelled bush to help their country cousins Mike Watts and I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with a group of bikies. A valuable lesson learned by all. Never judge a book by its cover and The good old fashioned “PIG ON A SPIT” went down a treat. The event was too successful and further meat had to be prepared.

The CELTIC MINSTRELS donated their time to put on this gig on, and our hosts treated us as family as did all in attendance. Having grown up in a country town it was great to rekindle bush hospitality. Even the Red Kelpie at the bar made us welcome, and the free camp sites catered for our needs. We chatted to some of the Bribie crew who felt a little let down by some who intended to come, but didn’t make it. Ahh well – there is always next time. Mike Watts and I were fortunate in having access to power but everyone else had solar, so all was good.