Cyclone Oma Update – Severe Weather Alert SE Queensland

By Timothy Allsworth

cyclone oma, seq weather queensland severe

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Cyclone Oma is currently situated 890 kilometres northeast of Brisbane and 820 kilometres east northeast of Bundaberg, moving in a south-west direction at around 11 km per hour.

A cyclone watch has been declared for areas south from Bundaberg to Northern NSW.

Destructive Gale force winds of around 90-110 km per hour are expected to develop along the exposed areas of the coast and these wind gusts are likely to increase into the weekend.

Featured Image(above): Latest Infrared image of Cyclone Oma

A severe weather warning has also been issued by the BOM for abnormally high tides and dangerous surf.  Levels on the high tide are expected to be 1 meter higher than normal and waves are expected to reach up to 10 meters on exposed beaches and ocean.

At this point cyclone, Oma is currently moving in a SW direction towards the SE Queensland coast. Forecast track maps are divided as to whether Oma will cross the coast or not.  As it approaches Queensland it may take a more westerly track towards the Wide Bay area, or it could take a more North Westerly track parallel to the coast and cross the coast near Gladstone.

If it crosses the coast near the Bundaberg area, the greater part of SE Queensland will experience damaging to destructive winds, storm surges on the coast of up to 2-3 meters, torrential rain in excess of 800mm, causing severe to catastrophic flooding, not seen since the 1974 floods.

cyclone oma, seq weather queensland severe

Possible location of cyclone Oma from late Saturday – taken from

Inundation along coastal areas, erosion and property damage from wind gusts are expected even if Oma doesn’t cross the coast. Some inundation, gale force winds and abnormally high tides are already being experienced along the coast on SE Queensland.

Please stay up to date with the latest weather warnings from the Bureau of Meteorology and Higgins Storm Chasing & Oz Cyclone Chasers(links below), which will have a live video update at 8.30pm tonight(21/02/2019).

Emergency Kit Checklist

Latest weather warnings from the BOM

Infrared satellite imagery of cyclone Oma

Higgins Storm Chasing (Live Video tonight at 8.30pm)

Oz Cyclone Chasers(Live Video at 7.30pm tonight)

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