Fishing Report – December 16, 2022


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This is more a fishing guide than a fishing report because it had to be submitted ‘before the event”, to make publishing over the Christmas break easier. I hope there’s enough useful information in it, even though it hasn’t for “up-to. the-minute” news on catches!

As the waters of Pumicestone Passage warm up over summer, there should be opportunities for fishing estuary cod and mangrove jack, as well as some good flathead, in the creeks and around the mangroves and oyster leases. Ningi Creek is the first creek On the left (mainland) side as you travel north from the bridge. As you explore the mouth of this creek on a low tide you will soon realise why we all love this area no much, especially if there’s any SE breeze kicking up the Pusage. Be careful to stay between the markers in the creek, green on the north aide and red on the south aide, so you don’t get stuck on any of the sandbanks on a falling tide! The entrance is marked by a yellow cross beacon 2km north of the bridge. The mouth of Ningi Creek is a popular area for flathead, and also sand crabs through the summer months (any month that has an I’ in it, is the usual saying). One local, Ken, has been hedging his bets, putting pots at the bridge, up Ningi Creek and along the Passage sandbanks – and it seems to be paying off! Along the oysmr leases in Ningi Creek is also good for bream but be careful not to get caught up in the infrastructure. Some big summer whiting also spends the warmer months roaming the Passage and up the creeks.

The deep water in the middle of the Passage between the mouth of Ningi Creek and the bridge holds lots of grassy sweetlip and moses perch over the summer. The tidal run through there is strong, especially during December-early January, no you might have to fish on the drift. If you want to anchor, try to choose a period over the change of tide.