Sunshine Coast First Aid Course


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First Aid Course Sunshine CoastAttention all adrenaline junkies: have you given a thought to safety in planning for a trip? Diggerman Training now provides First Aid Courses on the Sunshine Coast . Take adventures to new heights knowing that you are able to respond to emergencies when the situation calls for it. You will be the most coveted travel buddy in town. If you don’t do it for others, do it for yourself. First aid course is a life skill every adventurer should have.

Diggerman Tranining is a nationally recognized training organisation that aims to make workplaces a safer place. Their training programs are both preventive and proactive. Participants learn safety best practices and proper handling of an exhaustive range of heavy machinery as a preventive measure from accidents. With first aid course, workplaces (and travelling) will be safer as more of Sunshine Coast learn to proactively respond to emergencies.

This Sunshine Coast first aid course is nationally accredited and adheres to the guidelines of the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC). Take your Sunshine Coast first aid course from known experts in the field of safety training. There is no margin of error when lives are at stake.

First aid Course from the best training facility on Sunshine Coast
Through the years, Diggerman Traninig has become an icon for safety. They operate one of the best training facilities not only in Sunshine Coast but countrywide. It is a big deal that they now offer a first aid course that is open for everyone over the age of 14. Participants do not need prior training to qualify for the program.

Government institutions as well as private corporations have been sending their employees to take nationally recognised courses at Diggerman Training. There is no better facility in Sunshine Coast to consider for safety training. You will be getting first aid course from the best team in town.

What to expect from Sunshine Coast first aid course
There are three available courses that take half a day each to complete. First timers are encouraged to take the basic first aid course before progressing to emergency life support and then providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

First aid course will not just make you the best travel companion to have around, it also adds to your value in the workplace. Accredited Sunshine Coast first aid course can be added to your qualifications.

First aid course are conducted face to face at the Diggerman Training facility located on Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast. Each of the first aid courses are divided into two parts. The first half of the session is spent on theories while the second part focuses on application. There will be hands-on training to ensure that participants are able to apply the skills when necessary.
First aid courses available are:
• hltaid011 – provide first aid
• hltaid010 – provide basic emergency life support
• hltaid009 – provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation

You can expect to acquire basic first aid skills to respond to emergency situations.

Provide first aid course
This first aid course is the most basic but also the best introduction to first aid. Finishing this course enables one to provide basic first aid in various emergency situations, communicate effectively with health care professionals and then document the incidents with sufficient details.

Provide basic emergency life support
This first aid course is very practical as it covers more scenarios that one can face. You will acquire skills in providing basic life support. The goal is to buy time before professional health care providers arrive. For example, with heavy bleeding, learning to apply pressure in the right areas can save an injured person from bleeding to death. You will be able to prevent excessive blood loss until the person can access medical attention.

Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
Learning CPR is a life skill that is very useful to have. The window is very small for saving a person who is experiencing blockage in the airway. A few seconds of delay may mean a lifetime of brain damage or death.

Situations requiring CPR is surprisingly common. A child can be laughing one second and then choking on candy the next. An adult can be enjoying a leisurely tennis match and before you know it, gasping for oxygen. Your family can be enjoying a fun swim in the lake before noticing that the precious infant is submerged in water. It is an unfortunate reality in life that accidents happen no matter how hard we try to prevent them. Before being hit with tragedy, take the Sunshine Coast first aid course that is now available at Diggerman Training.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) follows the same principle of freeing the airway and pushing air in by applying pressure on chest area. The techniques in doing so are different from an adult, a child and an infant. Proper CPR considers what a person’s body can take. An infant suffering from air blockage can be further injured if the pressure from CPR is too much. This is why face to face training is vital for participants to properly execute the theories of first aid.

Diggerman Training ensures that proper training and assessment are done so that participants can properly respond to emergency situations.

Book Sunshine Coast first aid course and plan your next adventure
You are always looking for a thrill. We get it, adrenaline rush is addictive! It is highly recommended to complete your Sunshine Coast first aid course before planning for your next out-of-this-world adventure.

The big realization from taking first aid course is that there are countless of risks around us – risks that are exponentially higher when travelling. After completing your first aid course, you may wonder how you were able to live this long without the skills you acquired from first aid training.

You will become more conscious of safety to prevent accidents from happening. At the same time, you will also build confidence knowing you are equipped to handle emergency situations.

Book now for Sunshine Coast first aid course and be on your way to your next adventure!