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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Wines. Sparkling. White. Red. Shiraz. Queensland. Australian


Tags: Wine. Red. White. To say it is an understatement that we live in the lucky country when it comes to wine was emphasised when I recently received a wine book from my golfing chum...
white wine, red wine, shiraz, wineries australia


Tags: Wine. White. Red. Wineries. Australian. Queensland. Brisbane. As you may have gathered by now I enjoy a wine lifestyle, I have spent the last forty years or so making a living either standing in...

The Bribie Winelander – May 2019

There is a phrase in life known as the Eureka moment or Aha moment when one has a sudden understanding of a previously incomprehensible problem or concept. I want you to imagine for one...
Fortified wines and brandy. Wine. Red. White.

Fortified wines and brandy

Tags: Fortified wines and brandy. Wine. Red. White. Over recent months we have covered the winemaking skills with table wines and sparkling wines but there are two segments which were the heroes of the industry...
Fortified wines and brandy. Wine. Red. White.


Tags: Wine. White. Red. Chardonnay. Reisling. Australian wines. My friend Philip certainly leans to the left in life, it is rumoured he even has a Gough Whitlam tattoo on his right buttock but it is...
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The bribie Winelander May 2019

If you want to see the colour drain from a winemaker’s face just mention the word Phylloxera, this is an aphid-like root louse that destroys grapevines and devastated over 70% of Europe’s vineyards, notably...
start a wine business Australia

Starting your own wine business in Australia

Tags: Starting a wine business. Wineries. Winery. The Bribie Winelander Some years ago when I lived in Perth I decided to have a go and set up my own wine wholesaling business and set off to...
Wines. White. Red. Wine. Grape Varieties.

Wines – a long history

Tags: History. White and red wines. Last month we looked at the making of white and red wines and the fact that modern winemaking techniques have greatly improved what we drink today compared to the...

The Bribie Winelander March 2019

Tags: Wine tips and advice. Australian wineries. Red wine. White wine. We are just about to get the wine show circuit underway for another year and how influenced are you to buy a bottle of...
wine wineries white red

The Bribie Winelander – May 2019

Tags: Wine. Wineries. White. Red When thinking about many of the great wines Australian winemakers have made over the last two hundred years we tend to think of companies such as Penfolds, Yalumba, Orlando, etc....

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