bribie island indoor bowls club

When Carol Dawson from Congeau House and Leanne Telfer from C&K Banksia Beach Kindergarten visited the Wallum Action Group Community Nursery recently, they were joined by Vera and Mark Segedin from The House of Happiness and Margaret Dunn, Rick Stevens, Bruce Hennessy and John Grisbrook from the Bribie Island Indoor Bowls Club and whilst nobody can deny that the nursery has a great variety of plants for sale, purchases were not on their agenda during the visit.

Featured Image(above): Representatives from House of Happiness, Bribie Island Indoor Bowls Club, C&K Banksia Beach Kindergarten and Congeau House were presented with defibrillators by the Wallum Action Group recently.

In fact, when they left the premises sometime later, although they had not made any purchases, the visitors came away with four defibrillators, purchased with funds raised through plant sales. Wallum Action Group (WAG) President David Wearne pointed out that this was not the first time that the group had donated defibrillators to local community organisations.

‘In the past, we have supplied them to schools, kindergartens, and community associations and the four that we have donated today bring the total to sixteen,’ said David. ‘Whilst we hope that they never have to be used if they save even one life they have done their job,’ he added.

The Wallum Action Group Community Nursery on First Avenue in Bongaree next to the Orchid House is operated solely by volunteers and is open weekdays from 8 am until 11 am. The nursery stocks an extremely large variety of plants and all monies raised through sales are used to assist worthy causes within the community.

In recent years, WAG has donated many essential items to groups and has also improved the lives of many people due to their ongoing generosity. Anyone who would like to find out more about what the Community Nursery has to offer or perhaps enquire about becoming a volunteer should either drop in for a chat or call 0407 699 953