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The theme for the month was “Scapes” and was won by Marj Webber with a photo of a threatening storm looming over the Pumicestone Passage. “Dark Hour on Pumicestone Passage” was given a mark of 10-10 and was chosen as the Photo of the Month. Marj Webber also won the Colour Print section with a photo of a Lemon Migrant Butterfly which was taken on Bribie Island. Beth Mottershead entered a charming photo of mischievous Limas which was taken on our location shoot at Australia Zoo and won first place in the PI Mono section.

Featured image(above): Photo of the month

Marilyn Western was the winner of the Mono Print category with “Threatening Clouds”. Alain Chardon with an extraordinary shot of a pelican in profile was the winner of the Open Colour PI section. Our visiting judge was John North from Holland Park who critiqued all the submitted images and gave us some useful tips on photography techniques and composition. He also showed us a short slideshow of some of his competition images. A slideshow of images taken by members at our Location Shoot at Australia Zoo was presented on our large TV screen. The night was concluded by the usual supper and discussion.

Our location shoot for the month was at Bibimulya Wetlands. It was a beautiful, sunny day with lots of birdlife, some wildflowers in flower and peaceful water scenes to photograph. Marj and Ron conducted a short exercise in photographing action shots for those who wished to participate. All joined in a yummy morning tea at the bakery after the outing. Several of our members have been attending photography classes at U3A conducted by Gail Goodair on technical aspects and Adrian Lowe on photography concepts.

These classes have proved beneficial to pupils who are gaining more knowledge from their participation. The Bribie Island Photography Club meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 7 pm in the boardroom at the back of the Arts Centre on Sunderland Drive. New members are always welcome. The first two meetings are free. If you wish to come along ring Gordon at 3408 2649 or Gail at 3408 9850.

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