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Womens groups. Clubs. Focus on fellowship. Bribie Island. Brisbane.

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Tags: Womens groups. Clubs. Focus on fellowship. Bribie Island. Brisbane.


Focus On Fellowship – Local Bribie Island Womens Group

Focus on Fellowship came into being 14 years ago. They are a committed group of Christian women representing 8 of the churches on Bribie Island. Their focus is on fellowship and reaching out to the wider community of Bribie Island and surrounds, in love, peace and hope. When they first came together all those years ago, they decided that the group didn’t want to lose sight of the initial goal of fellowship; they are about information sharing, collaborating and demonstrating ecumenism in the name of Christ.

Featured Image(above): Focus on Fellowship group

They don’t fundraise and they don’t have a president, secretary or treasurer, they don’t sell raffle tickets, and they don’t charge for functions, but they achieve their purpose. They convene three functions a year. The annual fashion parade in June, which is held at the Church of the Little Flower in First Avenue.

The parade showcases and promotes the Op shops on the Island and the good work that they do in raising funds for a variety of welfare organisations. The fashion parade is always well attended by over 300 people.

The group hold two-morning teas, one in April and the other in October. The morning teas are held at the different churches on a rotating basis. The group ask that guests bring a small plate of food to share at functions and the spread provided is most enjoyable.

The women remain passionate and dedicated to the group and to each other through their faith and care of the community. For more information contact:- Kay Benson – 3408 1058 Anne Iverson – 0407 134 841

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