Dragons Abreast Bribie Island get together for coffee

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander

Dragons Abreast Bribie Island. Breast Cancer Awareness and survivors. International.

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Tags: Dragons Abreast Bribie Island. Breast Cancer Awareness and survivors. International.


Following their Saturday morning paddling session on June 23, members of Dragons Abreast Bribie Island got together for coffee beside the takeaway on Kal-Ma-Kuta Drive and whilst the Saturday coffee is regarded as a regular occurrence, this time was significant for two very special reasons.

The day was known as a “Bandanna and Beanie” day which was to celebrate the end of treatment for member Sue Bowen and recognised the ongoing treatment of another member, Kerry. As well as being a “Bandanna and Beanie” day, this was to be the final morning tea prior to club members departing for the International Dragons Abreast Regatta in Florence which is an International Breast Cancer Survivors event and was held for the first time in 2005.

The 2018 regatta will be the first time that the event has been held on the European continent. Club President Leonie Dyer told me that the event is to be held in the Italian City over a two day period commencing on July seventh and will be attended by 3,000 Dragons Abreast members from across the globe. ‘We go to a different venue each time the regatta is held,’ said Leonie. ‘There will be twenty-nine members from our club at the event and the fifteen who are not going will be keeping on with the normal routine of early morning paddles,’ she added.

To those who would like to inquire about becoming a member of Dragons Abreast Bribie Island…you can do so by contacting… 1300 889 566 or by visiting www.dragonsabreast.com.au

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