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We are so fortunate to have such wonderful facilities and learning opportunities for Seniors here on Bribie. Bribie Island has grown over the past 25 years to become one of the best U3A organisations in Australia. With over 150 classes spread over 5 days of the week, there is something for every possible interest, on a day and time to suit your other commitments. U3A is an abbreviation of “University of the Third Age” but its focus is on “Learning for Fun”, so there are no entry requirements or exams to pass or standards to be met.

If you are not aware of the variety of fascinating subjects on offer you can find the Timetable of daily classes at the Bribie Library, Visitor Information and Neighbourhood Centre, or look online at the U3A Web site at www. u3abribie.org.au U3A is on holiday until classes resume on Tuesday 29th January, after the Australia Day public holiday. If you would like to enrol in any of the 150 classes you will need to attend in person at the Enrolment Days at U3A Centre on Saturday 19th or Wednesday23rd January between 9 am and noon. However, with almost 2000 Senior student members, more than half of the classes are already full.

You can look online at www.u3abribie.org.au to see the classes already full, to avoid disappointment on Enrolment Day. Class sizes are of course limited by room size and Tutor capability, but it is possible to put your name on a “waitlist” should vacancies become available. These are just a selection of classes with vacancies on certain days that may suit you. There are many other subjects that may be of interest. Most of the above subjects are self-explanatory, but one of them may be a new word for you …… PICKLEBALL.

This is an exciting new outdoor fun game, already highly popular in North America and Europe, played on a badminton-sized court with a lower net, solid paddle style bats, and using a hollow plastic ball. This is likely to become a very popular sporting exercise for Seniors throughout Australia, and class groups will play at Bribie U3A on Tuesdays and Fridays. ENROL FOR TERM 1 CLASSES.



Term 1 classes commence on Tuesday 29th January and run for 10 weeks until Friday 5th April. Enrolment Days at Bribie U3A Centre are on Saturday 19th and Wednesday 23rd January between 9 am and noon. For new members joining U3A the annual membership fee is still just $10, and class fee for Term 1 is $15 to be paid in advance. This year a brand new U3A will commence at Beachmere. There will be reciprocal membership arrangements with the new Beachmere U3A, but it will conduct its own Timetable of daily classes and Enrolment Day for Beachmere will be Friday 18th January from 11 am to 2 pm at Beachmere Activity Centre, Biggs Avenue, Beachmere.

We are all looking forward to another exciting year of “Learning for Fun” in an organisation run entirely by Volunteers. If you have not already discovered U3A make sure you look at what is on offer at Beachmere, Caboolture and Bribie Island as there is certainly something for everyone. We are always seeking people who are prepared to try their hand at being a Tutor in any topic that you would like to suggest. Call U3A on 3408 1450 during term time if you, or someone you know, has knowledge or experience in any topic that might be of interest to others.

Looking down the daily Timetable of classes there are vacancies in several that may be of interest to new members or beginners in some subjects. If you have time on the following days these subjects may be of interest;
MONDAY Everyday Maths, Windows 10, Line
Dancing, Ukulele, French for
TUESDAY Ballroom Dancing, Indoor Bowls,
Japan, Numerology, Soft Show Shuffle.
WEDNESDAY Yoga for Health, Dance, Global
History, Contemporary Australia,
Space Race.
THURSDAY Boules, Events of 20th Century,
Powered Flight, Chess, Pickleball.
FRIDAY Bridge, Trivia Quiz, Greek Dancing,
Photography, Lawn Bowls.

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