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By Neil Wilson

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When The Golden Entertainers Association was founded in 1991, I am sure that pianist Eileen Corbett and her husband (the first president) never imagined that in the following twenty-seven years, the group would present well in excess of six hundred performances to nursing homes, senior citizen’s centres and the general public, however, after having the pleasure of attending one of their practice sessions, I found it very easy to understand why this delightful combination of more than fifteen voices is sought after throughout the region.

Featured image(above): The sound of their golden voices is popular throughout the region

Consisting of both women and men, The Golden Entertainers Association is based at the Bribie Island Respite Centre and has their practice sessions there each Wednesday. Publicity Officer Betty McEwan told me that the association was formed after a previous group of singers was disbanded.

‘A group by the name of Zany Harmonies was formed in the 80’s and I was a member,’ said Betty. ‘It wound up in 1991 and The Golden Entertainers started from then. We have a wonderful band of singers and we are lucky that some of the members are men.

There are a lot of men who would rather be playing golf,’ she added. Betty explained that the group likes to sing songs that are popular with their specific audience and she said that the Musical Director Jenda Jacobs does such a wonderful job for the association as does Music Editor Lyn Murray.

As well as regular performances at venues such as the various nursing homes in the area, the group also holds an annual concert for the public and this year that will be held at the Respite Centre (formerly The Golden Age Centre) in Woorim on October 17th.

Betty pointed out that new members are always welcome, both women and men and anyone who would like to find out more about The Golden Entertainers Association should call Cora Box on 0447 144 725, Jean Binnie on 0435 619 448 or herself on 0408 924 816 for all the information about becoming a member or about the association’s performances.

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