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I am often told by my clients that I am “different” to other Accountants. This is actually a very positive affirmation that my “point of difference” is noticeable.

To be successful in business, it is necessary to find your points of difference, develop them, to make your business “stand out” from your competitors.

It is important for people to find an Accountant who is familiar with the special requirements of their business, family, and tax situation. The strategies I suggest for one client can be quite different to those I suggest for someone else and an Accountant cannot strategize effectively unless they have an in-depth knowledge of their client’s situation.

It is important to have a good discussion with your Accountant, about your situation and requirements, then gauge how well you might work together. I have been told that some people are scared to ask their Accountant questions. Feeling comfortable with your Accountant and being able to communicate with him or her is very important as you are going to have a long-term relationship with them.

Ask questions of your Accountant about their “availability” when problems arise, their “returning phone calls” policy, their method of informing you of tax system changes that impact you, their proactive approach to giving you advice before it is too late to make tax-saving decisions and the general support they offer you throughout the year.

At Bribie Accounting Services, we pride ourselves on being available for our clients, addressing their needs quickly and ensuring that they understand the information we provide.

We talk with clients, listen to them, inform them of tax effective strategies and then let them make their own decision whether they wish to appoint us as their Accountants and Tax Agents. Building a relationship starts at that very first point of contact and continues as we work together to achieve the best outcome for you-our clients. You are paying us to do the best job for you.

When you contact Bribie Accounting Services, you get to speak with a fully qualified and experienced Accountant. You will be speaking directly with either myself or Angela and WE attend to your enquiries and your work…

No receptionists, no juniors, no trainees- just fully qualified and knowledgeable Accountants. Our services included Accounting; Bookkeeping; Business Activity Statements, Financial Reporting; Business Coaching, Management, and Training; Super Fund accounting and auditing, Budgeting and Cash Flow Management; Payroll support. Have a look at our website for some great tips and advice.

Please contact Bribie Accounting Services so we can help you. Tel: 3408 9539 or 0438 719619 or Email: info@

Accountant (Bachelor of Commerce-Accounting/ Finance), Registered Tax Agent Registered
Super Fund Auditor Fellow-Institute of Public Accountants,
Fellow-Institute of Financial Accountants Justice of the Peace Qualified,
Quality Assurance Auditor.

Winner: M.B.R.C: Excellence in Professional Services Award