By Ann Ward


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Everyone knows that in times of disaster within the community, the SES is constantly relied upon to assist in many ways which include search and rescue, traffic control and emergency repairs to buildings and it seems that quite often, these less than desirable situations occur during the night.

That being the case, it is essential for those assisting in these emergencies to be equipped with the best possible lighting and in a small ceremony at the Wallum Action Group Community Nursery recently, Clint Fullgrabe and Jan Dwyer of the Bribie Island SES received a donation of thirty high powered torches, all purchased from funds raised through the sale of plants at the nursery. Wallum Action Group (WAG) president David Wearn told me that after a conversation with Clint Fullgrabe about the need for more efficient lighting, he researched the availability of suitable torches and was able to purchase them from a supplier at Brendale.

‘Queensland Protective Cases at Brendale supplied us with these torches which are able to illuminate an object at two hundred metres,’ David said. ‘That will help them find us old people when we wander off without telling anyone,’ he quipped. In thanking the Wallum Action Group for their donation, Clint explained that as one of the tasks performed by the SES involves traffic control, the red or green wand feature of the torches would make them a valuable addition to their equipment. The Wallum Action Group Community Nursery on First Avenue in Bongaree next to the Orchid House is operated solely by volunteers and is open weekdays from 8 am until 11 am.

The nursery stocks an extremely large variety of plants and all monies raised through sales are used to assist worthy causes within the community. In recent years, WAG has purchased a number of diabetes pumps, paid for the training of an assistance dog, bought wheelchairs to be used at Caboolture Hospital and provided funding for many other essential projects. Anyone who would like to find out more about what the Community Nursery has to offer or perhaps inquire about becoming a volunteer should either drop in for a chat or call 0407 699 953.

A highly successful sales and leadership career working in a number of different and very competitive industries. Engaging with decision makers at all levels in business and government. Three decades employed by corporations, SME businesses in senior roles and almost twelve years operating as a freelance contractor has equipped me well for all aspects of business. Whether leading and mentoring sales teams, or in a direct sales role I enjoy the challenge to meet and exceed expectations. Making a real and tangible difference in either a team environment or as an individual is an important personal goal I have consistently achieved throughout my career. In all of my business and personal dealings over the years there is one issue that stands out above all others - communication. Excellent communication skills creates trust, helps with mutually beneficial outcomes and above all cements long lasting positive relationships. I strive everyday to communicate effectively with the people I encounter.