The Bribie Island Photography Club – May – 2018

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Photography Club. Bribie Island. Brisbane. Queensland.

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“Industrial” was the theme for the month and Roger Bawden was the winner with his interesting shot “Broken Hill Industry”. Roger won the colour print category as well with an appealing shot of “Strathalbyn Station” which also was named Photo of the Month. Marj Webber was the winner of two categories, the PI Colour with “Scaly Breasted Lorikeet” taken on Bribie Island and the Mono Print with “Darter” taken at Spinnaker Sound.

Featured Image(above): Roger Bawden – Strathalbyn Station

John Cupper won the Mono PI with “A comfortable Spot”. Ralph Brown was our attending judge from the Sunshine Coast. He gave us a lengthy and interesting critique with many, many informative photography tips. Supper was served after the meeting where members and judge interacted with conversation mainly concerned with photography.

Our photography outing this month was at Col Fisher Park, Banksia Beach. It was a beautiful day and members photographed birds, flora, scenery and each other. A slideshow of the photos taken will be shown at the next meeting.

Photography tip for the month:

-A misplaced horizon line can ruin an otherwise good landscape photograph. Using the rule of thirds the horizon a third of the way from the top or bottom usually makes a much better picture than having the horizon cutting the image in half. Make sure your horizon is always level.

The Bribie Island Photography Club meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 7 pm in the boardroom at the back of the Arts Centre on Sunderland Drive. New members are always welcome. The first two meetings are free. If you wish to come along ring Gordon at 3408 2649

e: [email protected]

Gordon 3408 2649 Gail 3408 9850

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