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Heather, Kami, and Kelly after the event - mission accomplished

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Bribie Island triathlon has been running for 36 years and continues to go from strength to strength and has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Noel Wust Started a three-race series back in 1983 on Bribie and three years later a promotional company took over the series to make it an even bigger and better success with a four-race instead of three.

Heather Huckett (66) and her daughter Kellie Regenet (44) along with her daughter Kami Regenet (11) are on a mission and have just competed in the same Triathlon together at the same time and they also came third in their short course race. Three generations all in it together as a family.

Coincidental to their ages the team number they received was 664. Something new and different has been brought to the series every season with professionals and athletes such as Miles Stewart, Craig Walton, Courtney Atkinson, Chris Hill, Jackie Gallagher, Kate major, and Loretta Harrap have all been Bribie triathlon competitors.

Many international triathletes use Bribie triathlon as a hit out before Noosa and Lulu bar races each year. Heather said. “I have been competing in the Tri’s for about 5 years now as a cyclist and helping out at the Banksia Beach School Team for the Triathlons.” The Bribie Triathlon is also a favourite for first-timers with many clubs using Bribie as the climax of the beginner programs.

Bribie Triathlon has also been a nurturing ground for up-and-coming athletes with many of the current Queensland junior elite crew regularly compete in at Bribie. Kellie said “We thought it would be a laugh and calling ourselves ‘the three gens,’ we may not get the opportunity to do this again and we are going to try to do all four series, a little memento for us all and it inspires the family to get together and get active, it’s a fun thing to do too.” Heather said “As Kellie said it’s an inspiration to families, some that may say ooh, we could probably do that.

It’s not about coming first, well I guess everyone likes to win but it’s more about the participation and the teamwork.” Kami has done the kid’s active Triathlon twice and other triathlons she has completed are the Pink Tri and the Weetabix Tri. The active kids’ triathlon is for 7 to 13-year-olds and is a non-competitive event. There are over 70 volunteers from at least 10 local community groups that are praised for their efforts and input into the event.

The help is highly appreciated and provides important roles at the event such as managing aid stations on the course for example. I wonder how many local ‘3 gens’ have completed the Bribie Triathlon if any? These guys truly are an inspiration to us all to get out and get active and also spend some quality family time together.

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