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A regular feature at the Bribie Island Community Art Centre, is the nominated “Artist of the Month” and from this issue on, The Mini Bribie Islander will profile that artist and their work. The July Artist of the Month is “The Glance Photography” founder and talented artist, Kathrin Dierich who, along with her busy life as a professional photographer, is also a volunteer at the Art Centre.

Featured Image(above): Kathrin gave a talk about her work to art enthusiasts

As Artist of the Month, Kathrin was required to present a talk about herself and her work at a gathering of art enthusiasts at the centre. Beginning her presentation by explaining how her talent as a photographer was fostered, Kathrin told her audience that she has always enjoyed art from a young age. ‘I studied photography at the Freie Universitat in Berlin because I had been advised not to become a starving artist,’ said Kathrin. ‘Because photography is just a different form of art, I chose that as my career,’ she said.

Kathrin went on to talk about the comparisons associated with digital photography as opposed to using rolls of film and having to develop them. She explained that her first job was as a fine art photographer and how the work was required to be very accurate. ‘At times, I would go through the developing and printing process, only to find that the result was just slightly incorrect,’ Kathrin remarked. ‘With digital, that is never an issue,’ she pointed out. Before providing information about the examples of her work that hung on the wall behind her, Kathrin, who moved to Bribie Island fifteen years ago, said that she never uses photoshop and does very little editing on her work as she believes that there is meaning in every object.

Flowering in the Haze – One tree was still flowering

Indicative of her love of the island and of nature, most of Kathrin’s photography is done in the local area and captures the raw beauty of what the island has to offer. Talking about her affinity with the world around her, Kathrin told those present that when she goes into an area surrounded by nature, she relies on her surroundings to rid her of the troubles that she took with her. ‘I feel safe there,’ she said. She went on to describe her work, “Flowering in the haze” was named. ‘I was in an area which had been the scene of a bushfire and there was this one tree that caught my attention.

There among the smoke from the fire, that tree was still flowering and it just looked so amazing,’ she said. Kathrin has produced many beautiful works as a photographer and has often received recognition for her talent with her photograph “Dragon Dancer” not only winning first prize in the 2017 Somerset Bendigo Photography Awards but also receiving a commendation in last year’s Mathew Flinders Art Prize and named as a finalist in 2018 Stanthorpe Art Prize.

Winning entry in the Faber Castell Urban Sketching Competition

Although she works as a photographer and as such creates many of her best works through this medium, Kathrin has also demonstrated her talent in other areas and she was recently announced as the winner of the Faber- Castell Urban Sketching Competition with a work that she created while sick in bed. ‘I decided to enter the competition at the last minute and only because it was my mother’s birthday,’ said Kathrin. ‘This was my first attempt at this form of art for a long time due to being busy with work and as a mother and I was totally surprised when I was chosen as the winner. I won $1,000 worth of Faber-Castell art supplies and my entry was displayed in the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

The Glance Photography, Kathrin Dierich, Dragon Dancer

I had to fly to Sydney to receive my prize and my son came down with me. This all happened as he was moving to Brisbane and, as I will now have more time to myself, I intend to pursue that form of art more,’ she added. July Artist of the Month, Kathrin Dierich has had her works published in magazines, newspapers, and books and they are held in both overseas and Australian private collections. Examples of her talented photography will remain in the Community Art Centre until the end of July so I would highly recommend taking the time for a visit to the centre for a look at these beautiful photographs.

Kathrin’s “The Glance Photography” business is highly regarded by her ever increasing number of clients and for more information, Kathrin can be contacted on 0416 463 530 or by her Facebook page, The Glance Photography.


Debra Mieth’s work – Give Thanks

The Bribie Island Community Art Centre Artist of the Month for August will be artist and Mona Dearlove Upcycled founder, Debra Mieth. Debra has used her “several circumnavigations of the Globe” as inspiration for both her art and her creativity in upcycling. She will be displaying her work at the Art Centre during August and will be presenting her artist’s talk on Friday 10th August.

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