Letters to the Editor – April/May 2017


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Dear Editor,

Hi. My name is Desiree and I am a local resident at Ningi Qld. On Saturday morning 6th of April my husband and I went out on the boat near Bongaree about 500 metres from the jetty is and sadly saw a dead turtle, this is not the first! Sadly watercraft have been impacting and destroying wildlife, injuring the animals, sometimes left for dead which I’ve attached picture. I’ve reported to RSPCA and sadly this is not the first report this week! Another local resident reported a dead turtle on Wednesday 4th of April.

I’m contacting you to please help create social action by raising awareness that this needs to stop!

Regards , Desiree , Bribie Island.

Dear Editor,

Hospital suggestion for Bribie Island Sir sometime ago I suggested the possibility of a Medical Centre/Hospital for Bribie Island, and recently I read a suggestion regarding the same. I am not sure if it would be feasible for a Hospital, however I believe that what we could have built at the rear of the Main Shopping Centre on the island is a Medical Complex where most if not all new Doctors could have rooms and a small medical theatre for simple non life threating surgical treatments, rather than spread as is all around the island.

Plus an area to stabilise patients before transporting them off the island to various Hospitals. It is certainly worth discussing to see if it is viable.

Regards Farley, Banksia Beach

Dear Editor,

Another great issue with enlightening local news and articles of interest bringing our community to the forefront of living. Neil your skills are sensational and your role as a wordsmith carries us into your stories with interest and we leave with knowledge. Thank you for the Story of Anne Matthews, a very amazing lady giving so much of her life to the community through Rotary and so many dedicated works.

Along with her husband Michael we are fortunate to have them in our community.

Kind regards, Bill Bill Peacock OAM

Dear Editor,

Koala Safe Haven Bribie Island I have seen a couple of Koala signs on the island and after enquiring cannot find out if, in fact, we have any Koalas? I have suggested in the past that we get the gums that are sort after by Koalas planted in areas available, and begin a safe haven/refuge for Koalas, creating a habitat and possible tourist attraction.

It would be good to hear from others their thoughts on this suggestion, and why the Wildlife service are not more proactive in regards to this and other native animals.

Regards, Farley, Bribie Island

Dear Editor,

Bribie Islanders, especially the business people, frequently complain about the cost of power. However, when I suggested a while back installing a community power system, I only met with one response and that was negative.

There are tens of thousands of community power systems worldwide, and seventy within Australia. In Dalesford, Victoria two wind turbines supply enough power for 2,000 households. In Yackandandah (also in Victoria) shareholders contributed between $7 and $15 thousand each to join a system which their community owns. We live in the Sunshine State, in the sunniest country on Earth, so what is wrong with having a community power system on Bribie? Most systems are connected to the national grid, and with rooftop solar feeding into their mini-grid, contributors survive with battery backup, allowing others to use their excess, such as their local council.

It only requires one of the business people to get off their backside, and ask for contributions from the wealthy people who live here (the houses and boats betray their presence). A system which can pay dividends to its shareholders, and make contributions to the community, is something we should do before so many others take up the challenge that the result will be higher prices for those who don’t. If you go to www.cpagency. org.au you will find good information to get started.

H.Beneke, Banksia Beach

Dear Editor,

When I moved to Bribie Island many years ago, I quickly noticed that some individuals complain about anything and everything. Last Sunday morning I noticed that the two Jehovah’s Witness who stands next to the pathway in Pumicestone Lions Park were not there. I proceeded to the Sunday markets and after a look around I made inquiries at the JW’s marquee. I was told that one person lodged a complaint with council about the billboard they have on the parkland.

This billboard measures approx 600mm by 800mm and has free literature on it. When I was told this I looked towards the Library and within 50 meters I could see five advertising billboards on the footpath. Every weekend and school holidays from the Marine Rescue to the jetty there are multiple billboards advertising boat hire, paddle boards, electric scooters, segway, and kayak hire. All of these businesses are conducting a Commercial Enterprise in a public park, and many drive trucks onto the parkland as well as lining the side of the pathway with kayaks etc. Why would someone complain about the JW’s who are only there until 9 am when the others are there all day?

Regards, Eric Adams Bongaree

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