Letters to the editor Aug 2018

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Dear Editor, I’m sending 2 photos for you. We were married at 10 am 8/8/18. We used as many local people as possible. The Gondola, the celebrant, the hairdresser, then had lunch at The Jetty. The gondola and the gondolier were amazing, a very unique experience for any occasion. A beautiful view of the mountains and the passage. Regards, Wendy Pattison Bribie Island

Dear Editor, Regardless of what they think about the result of the recent by-election, most people I know were disgusted at the number of signs at the booths – dozens for LNP, dozens for ALP, dozens for One Nation. Add the hordes of people in red, blue or orange shirts and hats and you get a discouraging gauntlet to run, just to exercise your right to vote. It’s time the government – Federal, State, or Local – put limits on the number of people allowed to stand around shoving bits of paper in your face and harassing voters. Sincerely, Grantley, Bongaree

Dear Editor, For the past 2 months or more there has been an increase in nuisance Phone calls. These calls include unsolicited calls from various including questions about products, various salespersons, callers who hang up when you say hello, and so on and so on. It is predominately late afternoon or early evening. I wonder just how many other people are receiving these calls and why the various Companies that have our telephone accounts are doing nothing to prevent these nuisance calls happening. I am seriously considering changing my account with my current phone line provider as the problem has gone on for too long. Please print this complaint and enquire what the various companies are doing to provide secure lines and eliminate callers who are are not wanted. I registered with a company to prevent just so calls, but it seems a complete waste of time? Farley

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