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I doubt that there are many avid readers who have not enjoyed one or more of the mainly African themed novels by well-known author Wilbur Smith and I think that it would be accurate to describe Smith as possibly the most well-read novelist by those who enjoy reading about all things African.

Whilst Mr Smith could be said to have captured the market in that category, since 2013, a Bribie Island author has definitely made inroads into removing that title from him. November “Islander Extraordinaire” Tina Clark who writes under TM Clark recently released her latest novel “Nature of the Lion” with a book signing at the Target store in Bongaree and when I stopped by for a chat, the Target stock had already sold out and Ms Clark was drawing from the stock she had brought along in reserve.

“Nature of the Lion” is the fifth novel that TM has written and, like Smith, she bases all her works on Africa. When I interviewed Tina for the Islander Extraordinaire article, she explained that she tries to pen one novel each year so, having now read and really enjoyed her latest effort, I will be waiting in anticipation for the next one. Without giving too much away, “Nature of the Lion” tells of a secret society of hunters who, after fulfilling their normal five animal target, Leopard, Lion, Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant, are given the opportunity to include a sixth victory, Man.

Having always been an avid reader of Wilbur Smith’s works, I can honestly say that TM Clark’s style is, to me, just as enjoyable. Unlike some authors, Ms Clark does not tend to get bogged down in lengthy descriptive text whilst still setting the scene quite accurately. In fact, I have found that events in her books are quite fast moving at times and this really keeps one reading for long after it was intended. In summing up, I would highly recommend that Wilbur Smith Fans treat themselves to a copy of this novel with a rather different storyline. Published by Harlequin, “Nature of the Lion” is available at all good bookstores as well as some other outlets.

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