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QUESTION: If you join a few people who have an extensive musical background with others who have had a professional singing career or have been connected with stage and choir singing in the past then join them with a couple more who enjoy singing but have no previous experience, what do you end up with.

Featured Image(above): Voices in perfect harmony – The Silvertones

ANSWER: The beautiful harmonies such as produced by local entertainers, The Silvertones Entertainment Group. Founded in 2007 after six people who had been members of another choir decided to get together under another name, The Silvertones Entertainment Group are well known throughout the Bribie Island and Caboolture districts for both their professional style and their diverse repertoires. After performing at public venues as well for those in old age facilities for some years, the group now restricts their concerts to the latter. Silvertones spokesperson Lorna Frame told me that all of the members really enjoy what they do and love entertaining.

‘Our ages range from just over sixty to that of our oldest member who is eighty-eight,’ said Lorna. ‘Our objective is to bring pleasure to the community while keeping ourselves young,’ Lorna, who has the role of costume maker and music editor, explained. When I paid a visit to one of the Silvertones’ practice sessions in the Ningi Community Hall, I was fortunate enough to hear them working their way through the songs that will be performed at their Christmas concerts and the annual Remembrance Day concert for the residents of Seasons Retirement Village in Bellara.

This event is one of twelve that is on the 1918 calendar for the nine members of the group. s I listened to the Silvertones rehearsing, I can honestly say that from the adjoining room where I interviewed Lorna, the Christmas songs that I could hear sounded just like that of well known singers which are played in shopping centres in December.

I could have sat there and listened for hours. Lorna pointed out that when performing at concerts that mark a special occasion such as Remembrance Day or Anzac Day, the singers dress in a variety of appropriate military uniforms and, for other occasions, they wear costumes to suit the occasion. As a professional dressmaker, Lorna is kept busy ensuring that all these costumes are in keeping with the group’s excellent reputation. I should point out that Lorna’s husband Tom has the role of music coordinator and, as well as her other duties, Lorna also acts as Secretary/ Treasurer for the group.

The Silvertones Entertainment Group is keen to welcome new members to their fold and Lorna remarked that if anyone would like to enquire about joining them, they are welcome to give her a call on 3408 3199.

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