Nikita – Local Singer and Songwriter

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander

ingers. Songwriters. Entertainers.  Musicians. Bribie Island. Brisbane. Queensland

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Tags: Singers. Songwriters. Entertainers.  Musicians. Bribie Island. Brisbane. Queensland

Entertainers of the Island

Nikita Chee

I have discovered that one of the most common talents that are shared by many popular entertainers is the ability to be proficient with more than one instrument and the bubbly young lady who features as the “Entertainer of the Island” for this issue is definitely no exception. In fact, Nikita Chee is equally confident when playing any one of seven instruments that include saxophone, piano, flute and guitar as well as the Irish tin whistle, ukulele and the Bodrum.

Featured Image(above): Nikita keeping patrons entertained at Locals Only

(Irish drum) Nikita is about as local as anyone can be, being born in the house where she currently lives with mum Lisa and dad Gerry. As Nikita told me about her family’s historic love of music through generations, I found it easy to understand why she has such a passion for all things musical. ‘My whole family has such a wonderful appreciation of music. Mum loves to sing, my dad’s parents loved singing and my sister is in a band in Cairns that is called “After Three,”’ explained Nikita.

‘As well as being a vocalist, she plays keyboards and bass guitar. When I was little, there was always music in the house and I remember listening to Michael Jackson tracks that were playing in the background,’ she said. Although having a love of music, it was not until she was in year six at school that this now talented performer began to take music seriously and learn to play an instrument.

ingers. Songwriters. Entertainers.  Musicians. Bribie Island. Brisbane. Queensland

I was entertained with the Aloha Bribie song that Nikita co-wrote with her mother

‘I had the choice of either the drums or the saxophone and so the first instrument that I learned to play properly was the saxophone,’ Nikita told me. ‘I was inspired by the TV character Lisa Simpson. She played the saxophone and I wanted to be like her,’ she added. From the saxophone, Nikita the turned her attention to the piano and learned her keyboard skills from none other than Bribie Island Orchestra Director, Martin White.

She said that she also learned to play the flute and along with her musical ability came the opportunity to be involved in school bands and events. With her school years behind her and needing a break from study, Nikita concentrated more on her desire to become a singer/ songwriter, learning to play more instruments and also began to perform at events such as the Blue Pacific Hotel’s “Locals Only” where new performers can take to the stage and become accustomed to being in front of an audience.

Nikita is also well known for her appearances at the annual “Blessing of the Surf” where she and children from both Banksia Beach State School and Bribie Island State School entertain the crowd with Hawaiian dancing and singing. For this event in 2017, Nikita and her mother co-wrote a beautiful song entitled “Aloha Bribie” which I had the opportunity to hear Nikita sing when I paid her a visit recently.

Of course, as an appropriate way to accompany her vocals, Nikita played along with the ukulele. With mum Lisa keeping time with the Bodrum, Nikita treated me to a great Irish tune with the Irish tin whistle. As a musician who can turn her hand to so many instruments, Nikita also enjoys a variety of genres although she said that she really likes easy listening styles the most. ‘I probably prefer artists such as Ed Sheeran and Jack Johnson but I also enjoy songs with a bit of soul,’ said Nikita. ‘As well as that, I don’t mind something a bit jazzy such as “Dream a Little Dream of Me,”’ she told me.

ingers. Songwriters. Entertainers.  Musicians. Bribie Island. Brisbane. Queensland

An example of Nikita’s skill with the brush

While visiting Nikita, it really came as no real surprise that along with her musical ability, she is also a very competent watercolour artist and I was able to see some beautiful examples of her works that adorn the walls of the family home. This up and coming entertainer with a wonderful personality is employed at the Sandstone Point Hotel and is also a valued contributor to The Bribie Islander.

She is now at the stage where she is keen to be a truly accomplished artist, Nikita is currently studying for her music degree at the Sunshine Coast University and she pointed out that her aim is to eventually become a regular performer at some of the venues in the area. My advice would be to keep an eye out for any opportunity to hear her perform because, believe me, Nikita Chee is definitely on the way to being recognised as one of our truly great local entertainers.

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