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By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander

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Earlier this year, local band Erin May featured as “Entertainers of the Island” in this magazine and I remember thinking at the time when I wrote the article that this was a band that had the ability to go places within the music industry. Well, if releasing their debut EP “Turn It Up” can be regarded as an indication of my thoughts being correct, I guess they are on their way.

I had the chance to chat with Erin May founder Kirk Jeffs recently and he told me about the four all original tracks on the EP and also about the new members of the band. ‘We had the official release of the EP at the Blue Pacific Hotel a couple of weeks ago to an audience of one hundred and it was such a great night. The four tracks are “Bailey”, “Home”, “Spider” and “Moonshine,” said Kirk.

‘The band now has a couple of new members with my sister Lana Jeffs on bass guitar and AJ Kena on drums joining with Derek Pakuza and myself,’ he explained. Although having already heard both “Spider” and “Moonshine” previously, I spent time listening to all four of the tracks following my talk with Kirk and, whilst I could never be regarded as an expert on music, I will now take this opportunity to include my thoughts in this article. One common feature about all of the Erin May songs is that, in their own; sometimes obscure way, they do tell a story.

Let’s begin with “Spider.” With an accompanying video on YouTube, this track is probably my least favourite of the four. It has a quite unusual theme and will only be popular with those who enjoy something out of the ordinary or dedicated Erin May fans. I do however like the video which was filmed around Bribie. “Bailey” could be regarded as another slightly unusual track but with a much easier to understand theme accompanied with an upbeat, almost rock tempo, it seems to have Rolling Stones sound at times. (No Kirk, I didn’t say that you sounded like Mick Jagger.)

One that I have actually listened to a number of times is “Moonshine” and I am especially fond of the accompanying video. This song has a rather amusing theme and the video is well produced with some well thought out moments. With eyes shut, could be mistaken for Mumford and Sons. Now. Let’s talk about my favourite. “Home” was written by Kirk’s dad Warwick and will certainly hit at the heartstrings of anyone who has returned home after an extended period of absence.

With another very well thought out accompanying video (filmed locally by Kirk), I regard this track as being a true representation of the Erin May sound. All the Erin May tracks can be found on YouTube as well as Triple J “Unearthed” and I would urge all music lovers to support this up and coming local band. Along with the release of their EP, Erin May are now keen to take bookings to appear at venues from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast. Anyone who would like to enquire about booking the band is welcome to call Kirk on 0403 558 719.

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