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When interviewed about her latest pop anthem, ‘We Got Love’, Jessica Mauboy said: “I wanted to write a song that captured that instinctive sense of joy of how a great song can change the darkest of moods into happiness.

We Got Love is also about how music can lift the human spirit. You can always rise above in the hardest times with something as simple as a great song (SBS, 2018).

Our girl Jess is on fire, not only on a personal level writing hit after hit but on a global scale where she represents Australia with this song in the Eurovision’s 2018 contest.

‘We Got Love’, is a feel good, power song: lots of bass, drum and poppy synths. Approximately 2 minutes 15 in and the drums take command in an African-beat solo, giving the song a war-like appeal.

‘We Got Love’, is a shout to the power of love. Mauboy sings: “I won’t throw my hands up to surrender, ‘coz love, is stronger than fire”.

An upbeat, dance anthem that does Australia proud.

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