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“We’ve got a very cooperative and forward-thinking board. They were ready to move forward with the strategic and business plans we put in place and its paid dividends as far as the club goes and as the business has developed and blossomed.”

Kevin said even with the recent Covid19 lockdowns, the club remained debt-free, and had not had to borrow any money throughout recent renovations.

“We have zero debt whatsoever, not even on gaming machines. I don’t know that there are very many that don’t owe anybody anything.”

Kevin said the club dealt with the recent shutdown period and was able to keep operating its bottle shop throughout.

“A lot of members came into the bottle shop to buy a six-pack and just wanted to have a chat basically.

“We were fortunate that we were able to open on the very day that restrictions were eased. We found out in the afternoon and we were open the next morning at 10.”

Kevin said the most telling part of it was how staff were “dead keen” to come back to work.

“Even when we were shut down in the main body of the club, the staff were still coming to clean and dust bottles and generally they were very happy to come back and help out.

“I think that exemplifies the culture here. They genuinely enjoy working here.” Kevin said the club was also very proud of the two other award acknowledgements, especially getting second in the Heart of the Community Award for their community event on New Year’s Eve which saw 25,000 people turn out for a laser light show with markets and music.

“It was the biggest major event that we have done. It was wonderful. It was a no-alcohol event, which didn’t help our bottom line, but again it was more about the community. We had police on patrol and there was not one issue, so we were very happy about that.”

Kevin said there are more renovations in the club’s future, but their focus for now and then will remain on their customers and community.

“For now, it’s just a matter of ensuring everybody’s got good food, cold drinks and a friendly smile. We’ve got a good atmosphere and good members rapport.

“The members and the staff, the board and management, everybody has come together and build this relationship.”