FOOD FOR THOUGHT – Favourite Family Meal Recipes


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There is an Irish proverb along the lines that ‘Laughter is brightest in the place where food is.’ People from all cultures believe that preparing and sharing a meal together is the thing that binds families and creates traditions. Cookbook author Corky Pollan felt that ‘No matter our age, everyone in our household knows that cooking and eating together is where the fun is.’

In this Magazine’s last edition there was a community announcement about a Rotary fundraising initiative involving food recipes. The idea of producing a recipe book of favourite family recipes was the brainchild of my Briberian friend and fellow Rotarian, William (Bill) Peacock OAM.

Bill left Bribie Rotary last year to join a Rotary Passport Club. He is now Foundation Director of d9650 Passport Club. A Passport Club is a new type of Rotary Club that serves its many communities and other Rotary Clubs by donating time and supporting Club fundraisers. Members meet via the Internet. In short, a Passport Club offers easy access, more volunteer opportunities, and fewer meetings. Bill is also the Australian and Oceania Coordinator for World’s Greatest Meal (WGM) to End Polio. Bill has the full support of Rotary International and in the last eight months has achieved so much for Rotary – both locally and overseas.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, charities have suffered badly and fundraising has been limited. Bill, however, has still managed to raise over $3,000 by holding regular fundraising meals (many electronically) and contributing the funds to Rotary’s WGM.

Rotary is an international organisation that has 1.2 million members in 36,158 clubs in 220 countries/ geographic areas of the World. Rotary was established in 1905 and today it is one of the World’s leading charities and is fondly referred to as the first social networking organisation.

Recently there has been so much bad press regarding overheads for charities and how much of your donation actually goes to the cause. With WGM, 100% of the money raised goes to the End Polio Campaign. In addition, ‘The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’ adds US$2 to every dollar raised. Donations are posted on a Facebook Page giving the results of each registered meal. The ‘results post’ includes the number of participants, the amount raised, the amount including the Gates contribution and the number of vaccinations this amount will fund. A couple of photos of the event are always included.

The ‘Favourite Family Meal Recipe’ is such a fun idea and a wonderful way to immortalise your favourite recipe and its creator. All you have to do is name your recipe, list the ingredients and the amounts and then the preparation and cooking instructions. Then cook and take a photo of the meal, include a photo of the person who gave you the recipe or your own photo and send them to: [email protected].