By Nikita Chee


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My Dearest Bribie-ites, Are you into watching MARVEL movies or DC Comic movies or really, any kind of action-packed super-hero/heroine themed film? I totally am!! Currently in suspense for the follow up to Infinity Wars and How to Train Your Dragon 3. Don’t you just love the momentum of hero-films and the undercurrents of underdogs rising to the challenge, beating the enemy, saving the world and winning their love? Yes! We all either look up to or fall in love with the hero, don’t we?

But, have you ever thought that we identify with that character because, in some way, we want to be the hero? If you think about it, our lives are like a movie. There are twists and turns, struggles and triumphs, love and beauty. And we are the main physical character. With each decision we make, we write the stories of our lives that are being read by others every day. With that in mind, and without being morbid, don’t you think that at the end of this life you want to leave a legacy?

To have someone read the story of your life and just think, ‘wow’. Or simply smile. Everyone wants the hero to win. They want the enemy to be utterly defeated, smashed, conquered, obliterated and our protagonist to shine in glory. Well, it’s no different in our own lives. Each to our own are personal battles, and the time to give up is never. No one would go to a film where the hero just decides to give up and walk away in the heat of war. What is that!!? No, we want to see you fight and we want to see you win. And when you win, it gives us the hope that we too are victors.

See in the 21st century, the modern family life that gets broadcasted daily makes this world out to be so suburban. But isn’t there something deep within you that longs for more? That feels that the rhythm in great films cannot be just fiction. That there is a heartbeat out there in the universe much bigger than we think or know. And that we are meant to be connected to a greater purpose? The magic of life comes alive when you believe. When you trust that whatever is going around you isn’t the be all and end all. That there is more than just earth and space and planets.

That your life has purpose and meaning and destiny. Moreover, that there is a love more satisfying, deeper, more securing then any love we’ve ever known out there for us. So leave your legacy, be the hero people look up to. Because we are all watching each other and keeping each other accountable. At the end of it, if we don’t give up and keep our hope, faith and love alive there will be much celebrating and joy! The end. Just kidding, it’s just the beginning…

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A highly successful sales and leadership career working in a number of different and very competitive industries. Engaging with decision makers at all levels in business and government. Three decades employed by corporations, SME businesses in senior roles and almost twelve years operating as a freelance contractor has equipped me well for all aspects of business. Whether leading and mentoring sales teams, or in a direct sales role I enjoy the challenge to meet and exceed expectations. Making a real and tangible difference in either a team environment or as an individual is an important personal goal I have consistently achieved throughout my career. In all of my business and personal dealings over the years there is one issue that stands out above all others - communication. Excellent communication skills creates trust, helps with mutually beneficial outcomes and above all cements long lasting positive relationships. I strive everyday to communicate effectively with the people I encounter.