By Nikita Chee


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Hello, Dear Bribie Islanders, peace to you all! May this new season bring clarity and joy to each one of you on your daily walk. I’m trying to remain positive. Hope seems to flicker dimly in the far distance; it’s light struggling to reach me as the foggy, foggy… mucous, clouds around me. Yes, ‘The Mucous’. Like something out of a 1958 horror, “It Eats You Alive!” Well, it feels like it does anyway.

To anyone else on this Island who has discovered their bodies have become temporary stations of viral colonisation: I feel you. It all began when a wild influenza virus (aka the enemy) deceived an unsuspecting cell in my body by disguising itself as an ally. It was a dire and yet innocent mistake on the cell’s part to let the enemy in. From there, the virus used the cell’s resources to reproduce and masses of the enemy virus’ spawned from the cell – thus the invasion began.

Alarms resounded as the normal functioning of Nikita1.0 ceased and total quarantine was conducted to restrict enemy movement. It didn’t take long before immune fighter T-cells and B-cells along with phagocytes landed to survey enemy infiltration. Immediately the soldiers got to work consuming the enemy at site and recording data in the case of a future attack. It’s been a testing time for the troops: some have fallen heroically in battle, others – have risen.

Although this dark and dismal time has fallen upon the land, her ladyship, The Queen, declares undying faith in her loyal troops, grace over her deceived cells and confidence of victory for her people. “Unconquerable”, she shouts! To be continued… So now that you’re up to date with the (soon to be defeated!) jeopardy that is currently taking place in my body, let’s talk about… you. Yeah, you! “How are you doing? Good? Just good? Well, good is better than not good.

What have you been up to lately? My lovely Islander, I think it’s time that you try something new. I’ve been surveying two different kinds of people in my life lately: those who give it a go and those who don’t. And I’ve also noticed that the people in my life that seem to be creative and have interesting skills got there, not because of an inner prodigy-like talent, but because they just thought why not and went out and tried. It’s time you go out and try something creative or a hobby that you’ve never thought you would be good at. I hear people say they wish they could be creative and have the talent and compare themselves negatively to others.

And then I see them do something amazing and skillful and shake my head in confusion. Often, becoming good at something new doesn’t include a whole lot of natural talent. Rather, a consistent belief that creativity lives within the very cells in your body and desires to be expressed in new ways. Just like the mucous, it has to come out. As well as you must have a willingness to start from the bottom and work your way up, which, I know, can make you feel vulnerable.

Not to mention the impatience that settles in after the initial excitement! But that’s all part of it too. If you push past the impatient side of learning and really just dig in and immerse yourself into the process, you’ll begin to see the magic. Instead of focusing on accomplishment as your destination you’ll start being present in the journey. You’ll be content with your past, happy in the now and wistfully dreaming about the future without the pressure of performance.

Hard work and consistency does come into it, but let your hard work be fuelled by a steady and subtle passion for life and creativity. I encourage you today to think about yourself as a creative individual. You are ever-learning and you bring uniqueness into the world. So don’t limit yourself with your thoughts about who you are or what you can or can’t do. You’re more capable than you think. It’s coming into the cooler season now so it’s the perfect time to learn peaceful indoor activities like painting, knitting, and other needle-work or whip up some new recipes.

Or what about leather-working, photography or woodcraft. That’s cool! Or if you’re already good at those things, why not teach a friend or a struggling young person that a skill set includes: knowing what the perfect emoji to use in a sentence is, making two-minute-noodles and having a boss meme collection. We need help. Get into letter writing with a friend, or learn how to build a shed!

Or learn to dance, or learn all the words to a 90’s rap song. Be random, be creative and have fun. Also, make sure you’re eating and sleeping well and don’t get cold while you’re out, please. I don’t want any of you getting a dose of this flu. Until next time, Nikita.

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A highly successful sales and leadership career working in a number of different and very competitive industries. Engaging with decision makers at all levels in business and government. Three decades employed by corporations, SME businesses in senior roles and almost twelve years operating as a freelance contractor has equipped me well for all aspects of business. Whether leading and mentoring sales teams, or in a direct sales role I enjoy the challenge to meet and exceed expectations. Making a real and tangible difference in either a team environment or as an individual is an important personal goal I have consistently achieved throughout my career. In all of my business and personal dealings over the years there is one issue that stands out above all others - communication. Excellent communication skills creates trust, helps with mutually beneficial outcomes and above all cements long lasting positive relationships. I strive everyday to communicate effectively with the people I encounter.