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Music Review for Keith Urban

No, Keith Urban’s latest hit single, “Parallel Line”, is not an ode to mathematical concepts, but rather in regard to two hearts coming together as a result of vulnerability. The beauty of this song is its power in simplicity whereby besides the gentle fingerpicking of guitar contributing as the main melodic instrument, there is only bass drum, guitar slapping and clapping as a beat, a singing electric guitar the arises sparingly and some sweet harmonies that flow in the background.

Another appealing aspect of this track is it under-emphasis on instrumentals and overemphasis on Urban’s masculine country-pop voice (which reaches falsettos on point). This amplifies (excuse the pun) the lyrical content over the music to drive home the romantic serenade-type theme of the song.

The overall feel is blue-eyed soul and its sway is not too dissimilar to that of Sheeran’s, “Thinking Out Loud”. Combine all this together in one pot and you get something that Aussie and beyond listeners are feeling; doing Australia proud Urban, keep it up!

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